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Feminist Icons of Literature: Aphra Behn – Spy, Playwright and Feminist Badass

At nineteen, I am hesitant to call myself a writer. For some unfathomable reason, when someone else introduces or describes themselves as such I unconsciously find my eyes widening a little with awe and a detailed and passionate conversation tends to…

0 Comments / 04/01/2017

Watch Dogs 2: A Colourful, Wacky and Wonderfully Geeky Adventure

After the PR trainwreck that was the original Watch Dogs, Ubisoft has certainly cleaned their act up for the sequel bringing in some desperately needed humour and colour into the series.   I was one of the very few people who…

0 Comments / 03/01/2017

Closed Gates, Open Borders: The 2016 Travel Roundup

The past year has consisted of turmoil, terror, and most importantly, change. As the year draws to a close, let’s take a look at how travel and tourism across the world have altered. Which countries experienced an increase of people…

0 Comments / 28/12/2016

Very British Year Abroad Problems!

Recently, I watched Channel 4’s Very British Problems and the final episode was all about holidays and going abroad and it gave me the inspiration to write something similar. I’ve encountered several opportunities where those Very British Problems come to…

0 Comments / 20/12/2016

London to Havana: Contrasting Cultures

There’s always something to learn from a different culture. Cuba offers that remarkable bazaar of life and vigour against the backdrop of its vigorous history   A journey into a communist world The city of Havana; a microcosm of an…

0 Comments / 09/12/2016