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Triggering Article 50: How Does It Work?

We are leaving the European Union and to do this we need to trigger something called Article 50. What is it and how does it work? Check out our short animation where we attempt to explain how we will leave…

0 Comments / 13/12/2016

Brexit’s Frontline: Shout Out UK releases Brexit: A Youth Perspective

Brexit: A Youth Perspective Booklet Download On the evening of the 17th November 2016, five months after the EU Referendum, Shout Out UK released Brexit: A Youth Perspective a booklet containing policy suggestions and responses from young people across the…

0 Comments / 18/11/2016

A Nation Divided – London vs the UK

The contrast between abundant London and the decaying rural areas was the trigger that perforated Britain’s EU membership, for better — or worse   There are very few times in nation’s history when citizens may choose their destiny. That choice was…

2 Comments / 17/11/2016

Brexit A Youth Perspective

Brexit A Youth Prospective Download Brexit: A Youth Prospective | Launch Event Write Up On the 17th of November at the Frontline Club in London, Shout Out UK launched Brexit: A Youth Perspective. Brexit: A Youth Perspective consists of various policy…

0 Comments / 14/11/2016

BREXIT Lesson Number 1 – The Reshaping of British Politics

It is not possible to rule the people without understanding them. Many revolutions have started this way and Brexit is no different — it is the people’s revolution   A new Prime Minister. A Labour leadership contest. A day which…

0 Comments / 28/07/2016