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Editor’s Choice: Helpless Heart

I don’t wanna eat but my stomach feels empty I feel like I’m going crazy Always have company but I’ve never felt so lonely Depressed isn’t the word I’m looking for but it’s the only thing that explains this hurt…

0 Comments / 06/01/2017

The Liberté Cup – We want your support not your tolerance

Who says that football has lost its power to unite people? Certainly not the players inhaling persecution-free air and forgetting, just for a moment, that they have been made outcasts    The dawn of a new day begins. The dust…

0 Comments / 11/10/2016

Us Election: Welcome to the United States of America

November 8 will be America’s time to decide what kind of future to give to its children: one of  hope or more fear   I A lonely figure walks down an empty, dusty road. Opposite, across the way, he spots…

0 Comments / 09/09/2016

London, I Love You

London: a city that weeps and laughs, protects and embraces, stays faithful …   When I first heard about you, people were so proud to know you All I heard were compliments, so if I didn’t go with you I’d…

0 Comments / 28/04/2016

Poetry Session: A Poem for Shakespeare

The infamous Bard, he’s timeless, he’s a genius and his work brings joy. Why I read Shakespeare: Because life is alight with the words of Shakespeare and he didn’t need slang to sound good. Because Macbeth’s consumption with power and…

2 Comments / 09/03/2016