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Express Yourself – The Mystery: Lady L

She stands alone with a great task in her hands, can you guess who she is?   The peak of her crown is etched into the luminous cerulean blue of the meandering skyline. The horizon teases the eyes of the…

0 Comments / 19/02/2016

Book Club: ‘The Nearest Thing to Crazy’ – Elizabeth Forbes

Fan of psychological dramas that will keep you on edge? Then this is the book for you   ‘Clever, compelling and utterly captivating’ was how author Caroline Smailes described Elizabeth Forbes’ Nearest Thing to Crazy. This powerfully frustrating novel is…

0 Comments / 10/02/2016

My body towards the path of the dragon

Dream or reality? The hero of our story embarks on an odious journey towards the lair of a mystical beast. But what is it? A metaphor for our greatest fears or a reality that exists outside the boundary of this…

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What happens when you observe something familiar and imbued with memories? You don’t just see it, you feel it, and it feels you   A woman I knew as a girl stands behind a torn screen, her turquoise blouse sailing…

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Supermarket Haiku – A Poem by Virginie Colline

Supermarket Haiku gondola galore sweet promises undulate to the muzak flow the flashy colors on the potato chip rack insitu pop art dry water coolers an inflated crocodile marooned on the tiles canned nightingale song the grass is always greener…

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