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The Liberté Cup – We want your support not your tolerance

Who says that football has lost its power to unite people? Certainly not the players inhaling persecution-free air and forgetting, just for a moment, that they have been made outcasts    The dawn of a new day begins. The dust…

0 Comments / 11/10/2016

Undercover: Migrant Factory Workers Abused and Paid less than £7 an hour per 12-hour day

Think they have it easy? The next time you buy golden apples or sweet strawberries from your local supermarket think of the desperate people working 12-hour days for a meagre £6.45 an hour   ‘STOP THE LINE!’ Everyone freezes. There…

0 Comments / 24/09/2015

The big lie – Europe is Not experiencing a refugee crisis

Funny how suddenly we’re supposed to be ripping at the seams from all the refugees trying to enter this country when most are not even asylum seekers I’ve been left in tears as I listen to the spoken word ‘Home…

0 Comments / 07/09/2015

A few words on Grief

Grief is something that changes everything – all perceptions, feelings, perhaps even opinions. It can never be predicted and hits you with the strangest kind of force. There is no way to describe the actual feeling of this kind of…

1 Comment / 16/04/2015

10 Weird Books You’ll Never Want to Read

Here is a crazy selection of literature oddities that you probably have never heard of or ever want to read, showing you that throughout history people have always been a little bit confused and utterly bizarre. 1. Codex Seraphinianus An…

1 Comment / 26/03/2015