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Editor’s Choice: Helpless Heart

I don’t wanna eat but my stomach feels empty I feel like I’m going crazy Always have company but I’ve never felt so lonely Depressed isn’t the word I’m looking for but it’s the only thing that explains this hurt…

0 Comments / 06/01/2017

Poetry Session: A Poem for Shakespeare

The infamous Bard, he’s timeless, he’s a genius and his work brings joy. Why I read Shakespeare: Because life is alight with the words of Shakespeare and he didn’t need slang to sound good. Because Macbeth’s consumption with power and…

2 Comments / 09/03/2016

Poetry Corner: Fallen state of mind

The feeling of quiet loneliness and restless agitation that comes and goes can wear you down, making you think the worst thoughts   Late at night alone with my thoughts A house full of emotions filled with no passion or…

1 Comment / 07/01/2016

Creative Corner: Nothing New

A tragedy strikes, maybe it was coming, but as one event triggers another, life suddenly stops making sense and we become someone else   Nothing New: It was a warm night in December, celebrations started off early for the New…

0 Comments / 30/12/2015

Poetry Break: Alive For Syria

As Syria fades beneath clouds of smoke from the daily airstrikes, the author contemplates the gift of life and the duty to live it with dignity, if only for those who have died prematurely    Alive till I’m dead Can’t…

0 Comments / 24/12/2015