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Creative Corner: Nothing New

A tragedy strikes, maybe it was coming, but as one event triggers another, life suddenly stops making sense and we become someone else   Nothing New: It was a warm night in December, celebrations started off early for the New…

0 Comments / 30/12/2015

My body towards the path of the dragon

Dream or reality? The hero of our story embarks on an odious journey towards the lair of a mystical beast. But what is it? A metaphor for our greatest fears or a reality that exists outside the boundary of this…

0 Comments / 02/12/2015 /

Melanin: The darker the flesh, the deeper the roots

Just under 60 years ago, being slightly darker was enough to get you called a N***o. It hurt and it was unjust, but the people did it anyway; this is one such story   We all die at some point;…

1 Comment / 19/11/2015

Short Story: Mum’s Ants

A young girl lives with a drug-addicted parent whom she cannot help, she can only help herself – by staying away No cornflakes. No milk. You should check the cupboards. You tried to get morning rolls the other day, the Smart…

0 Comments / 04/09/2015

Young Reporter: A Sailor’s Story

‘The waters are fine, friend’, the man with rotting teeth spat at me. As I entered, my legs wobbled slightly, causing me to grab the nearest chair, and promptly collapse on it. The aged man laughed, the wrinkles on his…

0 Comments / 19/11/2014