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Michelle Obama ‘ape in heels’ case is just the beginning

‘This is not something that we can ignore. It’s not something that we can just sweep under the rug’.   Just a few weeks ago, Michelle Obama stood in front of an audience comprised of hundreds of her advocates, publicly…

0 Comments / 29/12/2016

Welcome to America! Now Prove You Belong Here

It’s been sixty years since Executive Order 9066 was abandoned, yet for most people that fact means very little. Americans and non-American’s alike, are still largely unaware of the forced relocation of hundreds of thousands of Japanese-Americans in the early…

0 Comments / 07/12/2016

Mrs Clinton – The Controversial Legacy

2016 was not the year that Hillary Rodham Clinton expected to hang up her political pantsuit. But now the fate of the U.S. is out of her hands; only the divisive legacy remains   An advocate for female progression  …

0 Comments / 25/11/2016

US Election Campaign, FLORIDA – The Inside Story

This is the story of how Clinton, the woman with everything, spectacularly lost it all. And how the underdog prevailed, because he listened to the people   Donald Trump was surrounded by family and campaign staff at the Hilton Midtown…

1 Comment / 16/11/2016

Trump, Brexit and the media’s partial grip of reality

Just as the UK was divided over Brexit so the US election shows a deep divide — something we can thank the media for   Media outlets claimed: ‘thousands take to the street‘, following Trump’s unexpected victory. Half of the American…

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