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Brexit, EU and The Energy Sector: Dark skies loom for post-Brexit Britain

Brexit poses several challenges to the British policymakers. One of the biggest, is that of finding a way to exit from the Common Energy Market and supply systems that the EU currently has in place. A Brexit from this would…

0 Comments / 05/01/2017

Campaigns like ‘Farms Not Factories’ delude us from making a real change

Supporting better living conditions for animals is better than doing nothing, but this sidesteps the crucial problem of inevitable slaughter    Farms Not Factories is a celebrity-endorsed campaign that seeks to bring an end to factory farming in favour of…

0 Comments / 06/10/2016

The future of the UK’s struggling farming industry amidst Brexit turmoil

Farming practices have changed and evolved over the years, but much of this relies heavily on innovative technology and sufficient subsidies — both of which are in short supply   Farming and agriculture, it seems, is in a constant state of…

1 Comment / 08/09/2016

UK To Propose New Climate Change Target After Brexit

Controlling climate change is proving to be a bigger challenge than before, now that Britain no longer has its EU league to share the burden   The UK are set to press forward with the fight against climate change, despite…

0 Comments / 05/07/2016 /

2050: Planet Earth’s Expiry Date

There’s nothing good about a wasteland but that’s exactly where we’re heading, and no one is innocent  …   Can you imagine what it would be like to have the planet expire? Well, let me tell you something, you won’t…

2 Comments / 25/04/2016