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Theresa May’s Speech: ‘A better future and a better Britain’

After her ‘red, white and blue Brexit’ we discovered at a press conference in London that Theresa May’s plan for Brexit still contains grey areas.    Theresa May started her speech this morning by emphasising that Britain was ready to…

0 Comments / 17/01/2017

Slovak Government indulges in corruption

This November, the Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico, gained international coverage for reasons other than the Slovak Presidency of the EU. In light of another corruption scandal that his government faces, the PM finally vocalized his presumably long-held view of…

1 Comment / 30/12/2016

The UK in 2016: What Happened?

As we wish goodbye to yet another year, we look back at 2016 and all that happened in the UK… what a year…

0 Comments / 27/12/2016

FIFA’s poppy scandal should be swept under the carpet A.S.A.P

FIFA have fined the Home Nations a total of £80,000 for displaying poppies on the armbands of their players and making featured displays throughout the stadiums in the games that took place on Remembrance weekend. Here in the UK there…

1 Comment / 26/12/2016

Rafa Nadal: The man who won’t give up

The curtain has fallen on another turbulent season for the Spanish legend. It may come as no surprise that Nadal’s 2016 campaign fell victim to his biggest rival over the last eight years — injury. Recurring injuries have manifested themselves…

2 Comments / 12/12/2016