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Boxing – don’t knock it out!

A  knock to the head could mean death or victory. Those who choose to fight, accept this risk – so why can’t we?   On September 30, Mike Towell tragically lost his life after suffering serious bleeding and swelling to…

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The 6 Most Common Health Issues Revealed

Here are some of the most common health issues around, along with causes and treatments (if possible). If anything is worrying you, talk to your doctor and see how they can help.   Constipation Constipation is a common condition that…

1 Comment / 12/12/2016

World Mental Health Day – A Farce ?

Thinking about mental health problems for 24 hours is not the same as tackling the issue for 365 days a year — which is what is needed   With the novelty of World Mental Health Day wearing off, and as…

3 Comments / 18/10/2016

CRISPR Genome Editing: the Future of Human Evolution

As biotechnology advances, serious diseases that compromise human dignity and wipe out millions could really become a thing of the past   On our relentless march towards mastery of the human state, it would appear that one of the medical…

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Scrapbooking and the Hunger Games

Depression and meds are bad enough, but losing weight on a paltry 200 cal diet proved the ultimate injustice — at least I have my scrapbook …    For twelve days, I was starved. Ok, so I don’t mean Jesus…

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