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The ‘Mother Of All Battles’: The Iraqi Advance On Mosul

A key fight in a protracted war against extremis. But will victory bring peace, or terror storms across  Europe?   Mosul, it is argued, was swept under IS control with ease because of an insufficient state apparatus weakened by American/Western…

0 Comments / 22/11/2016

Being bystanders could spell the ‘final solution’ for Syrians

Instead of focusing on the growing burden of refugees, we should be targeting the cause of them – ISIS   Eleven million sufferings; children forced to endure the putrid squalor of disease-infested swamps, mothers forced to abandon their children, fathers…

0 Comments / 21/10/2016

The Complicated Issue of LGBT Rights in the Middle East

Forced to hide like animals and fearing for their lives, this is the reality faced by many LGBTs not living in the West   Many cultures today are slowly becoming more and more accepting of LGBT people and beginning to…

0 Comments / 01/07/2016

Feminism and technology, our best way to justice

You may be sick of feminism or dislike the influence of technology but without them ordinary women would see very little justice in a world still run by men   Some of you may recall BBC Newsnight trending on Twitter…

0 Comments / 05/01/2016

Iran’s nuclear deal could spell the beginning of the end

A breakthrough nuclear deal may result in Iran becoming a formidable threat in the Middle East and the wider world The deal has been described as an end to the ‘wrong, unfair and inhumane’ sanctions by Hassan Rouhani, Iran’s president….

0 Comments / 24/09/2015