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Theresa May Reaction: The disaffected generation coming together

Young people want to see the benefits of Brexit now, not tomorrow or in generations to come.   Yesterday in her Brexit speech, announcing Britain’s exit from the EU single market, Theresa May told us to think of future generations…

0 Comments / 19/01/2017

Theresa May’s Speech: ‘A better future and a better Britain’

After her ‘red, white and blue Brexit’ we discovered at a press conference in London that Theresa May’s plan for Brexit still contains grey areas.    Theresa May started her speech this morning by emphasising that Britain was ready to…

0 Comments / 17/01/2017

The media: celebrity witch hunters or society’s moral compass?

In a recent press conference, President-elect Donald Trump has come out vociferously, criticising the media — more specifically BuzzFeed and CNN — for their allegations that Russia may have incriminating evidence against him.   In response to these allegations, Mr…

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At least 25 million Americans wait for Trump to give them a job

After Trump was voted in as the President-elect, it remains to be seen whether most of his economic policies are tenable.   He promised to create 25 million jobs but failed to provide any details on how he was going…

0 Comments / 16/01/2017

Trump’s First Press Conference: Remaking America

‘Fake News’ and ‘Garbage’ were the words Donald Trump used to express his disgust at CNN’s and BuzzFeed’s blunder.   In his first press conference since July 27, the President-elect conceded that Russia was behind the hacking of some democratic…

0 Comments / 13/01/2017