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The booming business of voluntourism

Fancy being Mother Teresa for a bit? Here’s why your week-long stay at an orphanage in Cambodia is not the charity work you should be doing . . .   Students in the UK are notorious for doing it and…

0 Comments / 15/04/2016

China is in deep water following ‘aggression’ from Argentina

A Chinese fishing vessel has been sunk but Argentina is not to blame for the hostile response     A Chinese fishing trawler holding 32 crew members sailed towards Argentine waters last week. The Argentinian response? To shoot and sink…

0 Comments / 21/03/2016

The two-sided edge of foreign aid

It has helped millions to overcome distressing conditions during famines and flooding, but what about the long-term efficiency of foreign aid? Are we helping others or ourselves?   Foreign aid is simply a way of responding to poorer countries’ woes….

0 Comments / 17/12/2015

Rechargeable Germs – bacteria never seemed so good!

The face of renewable energy is about to get microscopic   If we can do it, bacteria can do it too: sometimes better! Recent discoveries have shown that bacteria have diverse capabilities that could lead to novel applications, including wastewater…

1 Comment / 10/12/2015 /

Saving the World? The Truth About International Aid

Helping underdeveloped counties is promoted as a righteous mission for all developed societies, so how come despite giving so much so little has changed for the people in the Third World?    It has long been thought that our efforts…

1 Comment / 12/11/2015