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Mars One – Mission Impossible or the Future? You decide …

Mars One promises us a new planet, but are these dreams of colonising new land a slightly too big a leap for mankind?   To establish human settlement on Mars would unquestionably be one of the human race’s greatest achievements,…

0 Comments / 25/10/2016

CRISPR Genome Editing: the Future of Human Evolution

As biotechnology advances, serious diseases that compromise human dignity and wipe out millions could really become a thing of the past   On our relentless march towards mastery of the human state, it would appear that one of the medical…

0 Comments / 05/10/2016

Red hair gene increases risk of cancer

Porcelain white skin against a fiery red mane may look inspiring, but the health risks are less romantic   A study has revealed that individuals who possess a particular red hair gene have an increased risk of developing melanoma skin…

0 Comments / 27/07/2016

Rechargeable Germs – bacteria never seemed so good!

The face of renewable energy is about to get microscopic   If we can do it, bacteria can do it too: sometimes better! Recent discoveries have shown that bacteria have diverse capabilities that could lead to novel applications, including wastewater…

1 Comment / 10/12/2015 /

Processed meat does increase your risk of cancer – vegetarian, anyone?

Enjoy a little meat everyday? Well, you’ve just increased your chances of developing cancer by 18 per cent!   ‘Do vegetarians and vegans live longer?’ This question has raised continuous debates for several years and may have finally been answered….

1 Comment / 04/11/2015