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Life as a woman under Trump

I find Trump to be one of the most disgraceful and misogynistic of men out there, and frankly it terrifies me that America elected him as president.   As a leader of a country, children take notice of him, but…

1 Comment / 19/01/2017

Theresa May Reaction: The disaffected generation coming together

Young people want to see the benefits of Brexit now, not tomorrow or in generations to come.   Yesterday in her Brexit speech, announcing Britain’s exit from the EU single market, Theresa May told us to think of future generations…

0 Comments / 19/01/2017

At least 25 million Americans wait for Trump to give them a job

After Trump was voted in as the President-elect, it remains to be seen whether most of his economic policies are tenable.   He promised to create 25 million jobs but failed to provide any details on how he was going…

0 Comments / 16/01/2017

Southern Rail Proves Privatisation Has Failed

Since Margaret Thatcher, it has been argued by the political ‘centre’ (which has moved significantly towards the Right in recent decades) that privatisation and the free market is the best way to run a service and organise society. However, in…

2 Comments / 13/01/2017

You can take the EU but you will never take our unity!

To quote George Orwell in one of his infinitely brilliant essays, ‘most revolutionaries are potential Tories, because they imagine that everything can be put right by altering the shape of society’.   Orwell is rarely wrong. Theresa May’s decision to…

0 Comments / 09/01/2017