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Triggering Article 50: How Does It Work?

We are leaving the European Union and to do this we need to trigger something called Article 50. What is it and how does it work? Check out our short animation where we attempt to explain how we will leave…

0 Comments / 13/12/2016

Talk Socialism at The World Transformed 2016

A quick interview with Talk Socialism at The World Transformed 2016 talking Corbyn’s Labour, the need for a positive socialist viewpoint and winning a General Election.

0 Comments / 08/12/2016

John McTernan at Momentum’s The World Transformed 2016!

John McTernan, one of Tony Blair’s closest allies, paid a surprise visit to Momentum’s The World Transformed 2016 and was kind enough to give us a quick interview.

0 Comments / 06/12/2016

Peter Hitchens: The UK Is A Doomed Society For Young People

In our exclusive interview, Peter discusses his views on Trump, leaving the European Union and its apparent impact on young people, his Marxist roots and how doomed a society the UK truly is.

0 Comments / 29/11/2016

Momentum Kids: Empowering Young People & Single Parents

Our interview with Natasha Josette, one of the founders of Momentum Kids, at The World Transformed 2016.

0 Comments / 18/10/2016