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Shout Out UK is a multi-award winning independent news network that enables new talented writers to be part of a supportive community to help them gain experience and showcase an alternative wave of 21st-century journalism.

Applying to be a contributor is very easy. All you need to do is fill in the form below.

Writing guidelines:

Shout Out UK focuses on alternative/provocative stories, often, going behind the headlines to explore the full story. We don’t want articles that are a repeat of what we have already heard in the news – we want unique and interesting stories / perspectives.

Topics we are interested in:

  • UK Politics & Current Affairs
  • Foreign Affairs
  • Economics and Business
  • Law
  • Health & Fitness
  • Arts and Culture
  • Opinion

Contribution Request (This is voluntary and not required to become a writer)

The monthly contribution covers the service that we offer to you, the writer, and is the same price as a coffee a month (£3.50). We do not take credit for work contributors publish and we do not request you, the writer, to write about anything other than what you feel passionate about. We need our writers to talk about issues and trends that matter to them, so they can reach a wide audience. Our platform is here for YOU to have your chance to finally speak out freely.

Your contribution helps cover the costs of marketing your articles. Together we can accomplish much more, than if we stand alone. The contribution request is voluntary.


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Would you be interested in 1 to 1 Journalism Tuition/Mentoring? *

The mentoring session will give trainees an opportunity to quiz a freelance professional journalist about how to start a career in journalism, while having a frank, 1 to 1 conservation about How to pitch a story, writing an article, interviewing and how to start earning as a freelancer.

Mentoring session will cover:

The difference between Standard, Gonzo, Investigative and Immersion Journalism, helping you identify your own style.
How to write a professional journalistic article
How to conduct an interview and how to get hold of interviewees.
Journalism and the Law. What is the practical legal stance of a Journalist. Your rights in protest zones.
How to start making money as a Freelance Journalist
CV review
Pitching your article to the Mainstream press

How does it work?

The session lasts for half a day and is offered online and offline. You can be ANYWHERE in the world for the mentoring to take place. A one to one webinar or meeting is set up at your convenience.

More Info Found Here

£195 (Normal)
£95 (Student)

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Would you be interested in becoming a Shout Out UK ambassador? *
-Organise events & debates in your local area
-Inspire schools to get involved in Journalism & Political Literacy
-Great for your CV.

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Would you be interested in volunteering at our London office?
In-House Journalist: You'd write articles regularly from the office
On Call Journalist: You'd be called 1/2 times a week to cover events
PR and Marketing: Assigned to help increase our readership
In House Admin: To help with office admin
Yes, as an in house JournalistYes, as an on call JournalistYes, as PR and MarketingYes, as in house Admin

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We often run paid events, from screenings in parliament to panel debates. Our affiliates are tasked in helping us market these events and for every person they manage to register, they would get paid a % of the ticket price.

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The contribution is a big part of Shout Out UK's funding and as such we wish to stress that you should only tick this box if you honestly can't afford it (£3.50/month). We offer this option as we do not wish anyone to be excluded from the society due to financial restraint.

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Applicants taking the 1 to 1 Journalism Tuition/Mentoring mentioned above will be entitled to have at least 1 article published with us. Applicants not taking the 1 to 1 Journalism Tuition/Mentoring will be contacted only if successful, this is due to the large number of applications we get. Upon registering you acknowledge and accept our Terms and Conditions. Your data and answers will not be shared with 3rd parties and will be kept for a limited period only for the sole and exclusive purpose of this writing application.
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