Shout Out UK has finally launched in paper form.

The paper consists of small articles written by young journalists, taking resources from across the globe. Each of the small articles lead to a substantially larger one if you can the code on the right of each mini-article using a smart phone.

This means that each paper causes less damage to the environment and less hassle when taken on busy public transport due to its size.

This new News Paper, or Info Leaflet, has just started operation and will be circulating around North West London, 3 days a week.

We offer various prime advertising spaces to help with costs. For more information please email us at

Shout Out UK is a new organisation, set up to help young people gain a better understanding of politics and journalism with the end goal of creating a citizenry able to speak and write with eloquence and clarity and thus capable of engaging the civic life of their communities and persuading others to virtuous and prudent actions.

We offer our membership career advice and information on how to get into journalism and politics in the hope of getting more young minds into both industries. We offer many booklets and guides created by ourselves and young people already in the field.

Shout Out UK also campaigns on any issue its membership believes is important. Currently we are launching a campaign to try and bring a new version of Politics into the national curriculum. During the AV referendum a study was undertaken which showed that the majority of Britons do believe the FPTP system is unfair, however are unsure of what other system they would prefer. Politics, especially in young people, is being over looked more and more. It is a sad reality for such an important part of our lives. Many quote their rights and yet know little of their responsibilities.
History is full of tales showing us what happens when politics is over looked by the moderate masses. We believe everyone should be educated in how the state is run and some of the various other forms of democracy around the world. Knowing how the country is run and knowing that there are safe alternatives to our current system will empower the next generation to do more than just vote “left” or “right”.



Our New News  paper or Info Leaflet is copyright of ShoutOutUK© and it’s Founder Matteo Bergamini.