Grassroot Diplomat Award Ceremony 2013

As the room filled with more and more people from all walks of life, one could see the culmination of a years’ worth of work coming together. Diplomats, officials, MPs and young people all gathered together on Thursday 31st January to officially recognise six outstanding diplomats and politicians in the UK for their outstanding services to the public.

The six winners were: Robert Buckland for his outstanding commitment to children with special needs educational, HE Mauricio Rodriguez Munera for his vocal participation on tackling the war on drugs, Baroness May Blood MBE for her campaign to integrate education in Northern Ireland, HE Ivan Romero-Martinez for supporting children’s welfare in association with many NGOs in the UK to help Honduras, Debbie Abrahams for her “Pay On Time” campaign and HE Dr Suresh Chandra Chalise for his work in providing better access and understanding to new Gurkha residents.

The event itself was an outstanding success; all the guests were showered in heartfelt welcomes and shown the upmost attention. The evening commenced with a drinks reception, accompanying live music. During the reception, each guest where given the chance to network and meet many interesting and often inspirational characters. Young people, politicians, ambassadors and officials all intermixed and conversed eagerly on an array of topics and gelled with each other brilliantly.

After the reception, all the guests began to take their places in the large dining hall. A three course meal was presented to all the guests. The meal, we later found out, was created by extremely talented, aspiring, up and coming chiefs. During dinner, awards were presented to the candidates. Once dinner was over, raffles from top hotels and theatres were presented to guests donated by a variety of companies. During the dinner, the awards were presented to the candidates. Once the dinner was over, a raffle was presented to the guests, featuring gifts donated by a variety of companies. The event finished with a live performance by one of Britain’s Eurovision contest participants.

Judging by the quality and high-level of impressive and distinguished guests, one would not have known that the Initiative Award was Grassroot Diplomat’s very first event. The event’s success shows potential partners, donors and sponsors that Grassroot Diplomat is a serious organisation with a dedicated and passionate team, ready to take on any challenge for social good and cooperation at the grassroot and policy level worldwide.

However, this event’s success shows us that even though the world is gripped by a crippling recession, dedication and perseverance can make you succeed. Grassroots Diplomat, set up in 2008 by a dynamic young person and her team, has overcome the recession to create an organisation with the sole aim of connecting grassroots diplomacy with the policy sector, which too often is disconnected from the populace: This event has been a culmination of their work and success.

BY: Matteo Bergamini