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Bradley Manning trial: US government to call 141 witnesses for prosecution

Alleged Wikileaks source Bradley Manning will have 112 days taken off his sentence if he is convicted, a US military judge has ruled.

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Bradley Manning Trial Live Updates from Fort Meade


  • 15.40: BradleyManning pleading session beginning NOW
  • 15:45: Bradley Manning pleads guilty to 10 out of 22 charges against him
  • 15:45: Manning pleads NOT guilty to Aiding the enemy – Could see him jailed for life
  • 15: 50: Manning WILL read out his 35 page statement on what he did and why he did it.
  • 16:06: Manning has confirmed he wants to be tried by military judge alone – no jury
  • 16:30: Manning Judge Rules Length of Soldier’s Detention ‘Reasonable’
  • 17:00: Manning on stand says he tried to send info to Washington Post and NYT – they rebuffed him
  • 17:15: Manning says also tried to give confidential leak to @politico but bad weather stopped him
  • 17:15: Manning says he believed that diplomatic cables he gave #WikiLeaks would not damage US but would be embarrassing
  • 17:20: Manning says he engaged in prolonged internet conversation with WikiLeaks member called “Ox” – assumes was Julian Assange
  • 17:26: Manning: to conduct counterterrorism ops, we became ‘obsessed with capturing and killing people’
  • 17:28: Manning: “I began to become depressed with the situation we became increasingly mired in.”
  • 17:29: Manning to NYT: “I left a message saying I had access to information about Iraq and Afghanistan that I thought was very important”
  • 17:35: Manning states that the ‘delightful bloodlust’ exposed in  was most alarming .
  • 17:43: Manning told WaPo docs had ‘enormous value to American public.’ Said, ‘I don’t believe they took me seriously
  • 18:02: Manning: “I thought these cables were the perfect example of a need for more open state diplomacy”
  • 18:07: Manning said he openly downloaded all CIDNE Afghanistan and Iraq on CD/R as part of his work
  • 18:20: Manning: ‘Cables documented backdoor deals & seemingly criminal activity’
  • 18:20: Manning was asked to erase his signature from his statement so that it could not be considered a sworn document.
  • 18:26: Manning case: ‘evidence that the US is guilty of excessive secrecy not allowed.’
  • 18:32: Manning said was trained to use open source intel in his products–used AP, Reuters, Stratfor, & WikiLeaks
  • 20:30: Manning took Iraq and Afghan warlogs out of Iraq on a memory stick in his camera. Uploaded to #WikiLeaks from Barnes & Noble
  • 00:14: Manning guilty plea has been accepted by judge. Faces sentence of up to 20 years just on these counts.
  • 00:15: Full trial ahead