UKYP Elections in Northern Ireland

The votes are in and the UKYP’s first ever elections in Northern Ireland have been won. After 7,000 votes were cast 18 out of the 54 candidates will now be representing the youth of their constituencies.

Northern Ireland now have the same system that runs in Parliament. Whereas before UKYP members for Northern Ireland were merely picked to fill spaces, now anyone between the ages of 11-18 can stand for election and vote for their constituency’s representative.

Jack McCann, newly elected MYP for East Derry-Londonderry, said:
“It’s an honour to be made the first ever elected youth representative for East Derry-Londonderry. By championing the voice of young people and establishing good links with our MP, MLAs and local councillors – while holding them to account – I hope to produce the democratic dividend from your investment in me.”

Pupils in over 130 schools voted and 12 schools are to receive democracy awards for their excellent turnouts.

The UKYP recently held a debate in the House of Commons to decide what would be their main campaigning issue for the coming year. After a vote the winning campaign was ‘A Curriculum for Life’ which aims to promote the teaching of life skills as part of the national curriculum.

BY: James Tennent