cispa rep

The USA House of Representatives has overwhelmingly approved CISPA, the controversial bill that would authorize e-mail and Internet providers to share confidential information with the federal government.

By a 288 to 127 vote today, the House adopted the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, which supporters had said was necessary to protect American networks from electronic attacks and intrusions.

That signals more support for the bill than it enjoyed last year, when it cleared the House by a narrower margin and was blocked in the Senate.

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CISPA is “so important to our national security” that it must be adopted, said Rep. Mike Rogers, a Michigan Republican who authored CISPA and heads the House Intelligence committee. Mike Rogers also stated; CISPA Opponents Are Teens In Their Basements.

In light of the CISPA Bill, Senator. Grassley today said he expects reform bill to pass SJC with no problems next week.

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