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“Not everyone can be the PM”

I’ve often wondered how much effort it would take to make everything and everyone equal. I’m not talking about religion, disability, race or gender; they go without saying, but I am talking about equality in the work place and in career progression – the limits to what a person can achieve.

I often wonder how people got to where they are just out of pure interest. Did they go to Oxford, Cambridge or is their dad the CEO of the large company which pays them a six-figure salary? I don’t know, but who am I to judge? The people in these ‘super fat-cat’ positions seem to be doing okay, apart from the bankers that is! It’s ridiculous what they earn, and their bonuses just seem to make it all seem even more alien.

Council leaders, authority department leaders, senior civil servants and super-heads; just some of the people who have the opportunity to earn more than the Prime Minister. Do you think that’s justified? I don’t, and that’s because nobody has a tougher job than him. A small-time man who runs a county council does not have to deal with problems like the national debt, welfare, the NHS, taking the flack of the people in this great country nor does he have the difficult job of keeping unruly politicians in order, now there’s a tough job! Ever thought of that? We have the right to say this, of course, because it’s our money that lines these people’s pockets. I have the ability to turn a blind eye to private companies who pay their CEOs an eye watering amount. It’s up to them what they pay their board members, it’s their private money. That doesn’t stop me wondering what they had to do to get there.

“But you might be, one day”

So, what does it take to get to the top? A good education, charisma, ‘that look’ about your person or a good PR team in your private office? In any case, keep working hard. I once heard a quote saying; “if you want something that much, you’ll work hard enough for it and it will eventually deliver”. The other ominous quote being “the effort in percentage you put in is the result in percentage you’ll get out”. I’m a great believer of those quotes. I use them as a rule of thumb to measure everything I do. All the things I’ve mentioned to get you to the ‘top’ are simply catalysts. People in high positions are small fish in a very big pond too. They just happen to have had a help in hand along the way.

With that said, I must say I have a great deal more respect for people who’ve achieved great things having not been born with a sliver spoon in their mouth. There are more opportunities to achieve now than ever before. Isn’t it time we started aiming higher?


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