The police have questions, the FBI have questions, the CIA have questions, the Russians have questions and the public have questions, and they’re all waiting on a 19 year old boy who’s ability to ever speak again is very much in question.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was arrested on Friday after a manhunt, shootout and chase that left a police officer at MIT and Tsarnaev’s older brother, Tamerlan, added to the death toll surrounding the Marathon bombings.

The stories of civil liberties being curtailed after the attack are spinning around, the editorials call for editors to lessen the blanket coverage (the media attention terrorist crave), and now America has a new list of countries and regions to be afraid of. The brothers are ethnic Chechens, the younger born in Kyrgyzstan and went to school is Dagestan.

Maybe the -stan suffix is the new terror, for those interested it comes from Persian and means ‘place of’ or ‘country’. It’s roots are from a proto-indo-european language where it meant ‘to stand’ or ‘position oneself’ and it’s where the English word ‘stand’ comes from. Interconnectivity can fascinate but we find these things from long study, not assumption.

Let’s remember that there is a 19 year old boy who’s badly injured in a hospital bed. It’s easy to demonise him but let’s not. He’ll still be punished, if found guilty of particular charges he could face the death penalty (of course, that’s a discussion for another time). But, as ever, we don’t know what happened, a 19 year old blindly followed an older brother, so many of us with older siblings can relate to that, obviously not to the extent but let’s also remember how confusing it must be. 19 is old enough, some might yell, but many of us were just as confused and scared at 19 as we were at 14, if not more so. He could be a heartless mass murderer, through some moral fault he might be desperate for blood – they did find even more explosives and guns in the brothers’ possession, but let’s not jump to conclusions.

Even when jumping to conclusions is what we’re best at, there’s an 11 minute video on youtube of Alex Jones, famed in the UK for his interview with Piers Morgan on gun laws, showing us how the bombings were definitely a cover up, a ‘false flag’ he thinks. He does make one good point, research it for yourselves, but maybe try to steer clear of the websites he frequents.

The FBI have denied any contact with the older brother since 2011. His mother says they talked to him after the bombings, they dispute this. The parents hold firm that their sons were set up, don’t dismiss it as parental bias but don’t jump to Alex Jones’s side either and start arming yourself against governments desperate for some martial law.

Let’s not jump up to react; the editorials will tell you the reaction is what the terrorists want, Alex Jones will tell you it’s what the government wants, for whatever reason you see it – to react so quickly, to condemn before trial, to jump without knowledge will hinder, not help.

BY: James Tennent

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