bank hols

We all love a bank holiday – sun shining (or will it?), tons of fresh air and heaps of ice cream at the seaside. But there’s a dark side to all this. The 16 million cars that will pound the tarmac this weekend will cause chaos on the roads and will punish the environment like you wouldn’t believe.

We never think of the consequences of our selfishness. 1.8 million people flying from UK airports, an extra 5,000 buses laid on, train services galore, tubes bursting at the seems and the Eurotunnel being booked up five weeks go! But what’s the cost to the environment? Tons of CO2, that’s what!

Brits will spend more this weekend than they will on any other weekend of the year. Most expenditure will being on fuel with the average family spending;

  • £50.00 on fuel (petrol/diesel)
  • £15.00 on public transport (bus, train or tube)
  • £6.00 on parking
  • £38.80 on eating out

But are we all nuts? It’s only one weekend, after all! A number of festivals will take place over the weekend too including Notting Hill Carnival in London and the Reading festival. We’re all complaining about how little we have to spend, but when it comes to bank holidays it seems we can dig that bit deeper.

This weekend, Britain will show that it couldn’t care less about the environment. Just imagine doing bank holiday on an eco-friendly basis. It couldn’t be done! Us Brits love our plastic raincoats, carrier bags and hatchback cars too much for all that!

Just think though, when your’e feasting on your fish and chips on the seafront, what our planet has given to us. It’s only fair we give something back.