Speaking at the National Anthropology Museum in Mexico City President Obama gave an insight into what he hopes will be a more modern and more equally beneficial relationship between Mexico and the US.

His speech focused on areas such as the role of the US in the drug wars, the economic potential of a mutual and friendly relationship and most importantly Obama pressed the urgent need for immigration reform stating the he is “absolutely convinced” that reform could be passed by the end of 2013.

Throughout his time spent in Mexico City Obama has also focused his talks on the dispelling of the stereotypes and strictly held discriminations held in the US about the issues at the border saying that “it is time to put old mind sets aside and time to recognize new realities”. On top of this the President urged for a mutual effort in this respect, asking for Mexicans to stop viewing the US as a disrespecting nation set on isolating itself from it’s neighbors.

The talks on immigration however centered on the idea of a new and prosperous job market within Mexico and more viable opportunities for temporary and even permanent work visas to the US. By establishing seasonal visas and making residency a more attainable endpoint Obama wants to begin to tackle the huge number of illegal immigrants currently residing in the US. Of a proposed 11 million illegals over half are from Mexico and so through the establishing of a more healthy relationship at the border the people of both countries will be able to benefit.

The relationship of these two countries has, in the past, been one encapsulated by drug wars, homicide, and security issues surrounding the 2000 miles of shared border. These talks with the Mexican President, Enrique Peña Nieto, are for Obama just the beginning of what is hopefully a great and mutually prosperous relationship. With the new Mexican government already cracking down on the death rates surrounding the cartels the people of Mexico are ready to engage with this new dawn on the future of this influential partnership. With both sides of the border set to benefit both socially and financially with potential reform in immigration policy and with crimes rates set to be lowered through a more comprehensive and focused approach to the policing of the drug issues the future only seems bright for these two nations as they gear up for a more peaceful relationship.

BY: Daniel Cooke

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