The Lib-Dem’s greatest betrayal and no I am not talking about the time Gordon Brown asked leader of the Lib-Dems to form a progressive coalition. Even though that was quite a big betrayal, I am talking about refusing to join the Labour party in supporting a motion for a mansion tax. On the 12th march Liberal Democrats voted against the motion of taxing properties that value £2 million pounds or more. 304 voted against and 204 voted for. Liberal Democrats, who claim to be progressive, showed that they clearly are everything but that. If Liberal Democrats wanted to create a fair society, they would have backed it without thinking about it twice.
Political parties that believe in progressive politics such as the Liberal Democrats and the Labour Party would advocate reform and change. As there are always things that can be improved for the better of society. The Liberal Democrats betrayed their progressive values the moment they went into coalition with the Tories in May 2010. It is common knowledge that the Tories care for the rich, hence the millionaire tax cut that will be given out from next month. If anything they are becoming regressive, refusing to fight the Tories for their prime policies laid out in their manifesto of 2010. Well done Liberal Democrats for becoming another version of the Tories. The Liberals are only protecting the wealthy few against the people that aren’t so fortunate to have been spoon fed.

Nick Clegg has fought for this policy a lot the past few months yet, but when it came time to prove how progressive his party is he failed to deliver. The Mansion tax policy has been firstly advocated by the Business secretary the past few months as well as Nick Clegg himself; it has been a flagship policy in their manifesto for the Lib Dems for the gone 2010 elections. This hasn’t come as a surprise with the other policies the Liberal Democrats have failed to deliver.

If the Liberal Democrats fail to live up to their progressive values, it will only cause them damage. They ought to follow their own progressive principles, if they don’t they will be seen as the party who makes promises for show. Fair enough, Lib-Dems have to make the coalition look good. But one party’s policy shouldn’t just be put under the rag for the sake of someone else’s. We will now have to see how the coalition will plan to propose their plans for fairer taxing. Although I can’t see a better alternative than a mansion tax, as the higher income earners have enough to suffice a mansion tax. I mean why wouldn’t they? They have a mansion after all!

Progressive politics is all about modernisation and redistribution, for the Liberal Democrats to not fulfil this policy really sticks the knife in people. As neither I nor anyone else could have foreseen this betrayal of the Liberal Democrats, I am sure the Labour party is disappointed and I can only hope that in the event of a hung parliament in 2015 the Lib-Dems will be the last party Labour will form a coalition with. Although I have no suggestion other than a hung parliament should not happen at all for Labour’s sake.

By Daniel Reuel

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