monsantoA worldwide day of action has been called on Saturday May 25th against agricultural biotech firm Monsanto. ‘March Against Monsanto’ protests have been planned in cities all over the world, from Australia and Austria to Cairo and Canada. The march planned for London has now been changed to a ‘static’ event according to organisers.

The marches have been planned mainly as a response to growing anger at what has been dubbed the ‘Monsanto Protection Act’. The act is a piece of legislation that was hidden in a spending bill passed by President Obama in March, it stops federal courts from being able to halt the sale or planting of genetically modified seeds.

Monsanto doesn’t have a good track record – their monopolization of seed markets, accusations of dishonest and fraudulent tactics, as well as suggestions that their marketing ploys led to a spike in suicide rates among Indian farmers who paid extortionate amounts for seeds that did not yield the profit they were told it would.

Numerous public officials in America have also worked for Monsanto. Many joined Monsanto boards after time working for the Food and Drug Administration or the Environmental protection agency. At least one was accused of ‘conflict of interest’. It has been suggests, especially after certain documents were leaked by Wikileaks, that US diplomats had been working directly for GM companies such as Monsanto.

A survey on rated Monsanto the most evil corporation, with 51% of the votes going to the company. The Editor suggests the answer to this is that “Monsanto behaves like an evil corporation that pretends to be angelic.”

Along with the march in london, marches are planned in Bristol, Isle of Man, Devon, Manchester, Nottingham and Glasgow. Organisers have asked those wishing to cause trouble to stay away, also suggesting to watch out that Monsanto has been known to send in their own people to instigate aggression.

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