Despite what the average Lebanese citizen says, it now seems inevitable that the two-year-old Syrian Civil War will spill over into neighbouring Lebanon.

On Saturday morning a pair of rockets were fired from within Lebanon at the Shia-Hezbollah district of Beirut known as the Dahiya wounding four and damaging a car showroom. One rocket failed to go off. The rockets were Soviet-made.

Nevertheless Iman Saleem, 30 of West Beirut maintains, “the people are not in a mood for war.” This is in stark contrast to Hanin Wahbi, 22 of the Southern city of Sidon stating “the country gets worse by the day.”

The lame rocket attack carried out by persons unknown was clearly a response to Hezbollah Secretary-General Nasrallah’s pledge of continued aid to Syria in return for weapons transfers.

On Sunday a rocket was fired from Lebanon into Israel but there have been no reports of damage.

On Tuesday morning (28/05) three Lebanese Army soldiers were killed at a checkpoint in the Bekaa Valley by gunmen in a Hummer who then fled over the border into Syria.

The Bekaa Valley is a Hezbollah stronghold and as well as containing Hezbollah training camps, is also a vital supply route for weapons from Syria and Iran.

Meanwhile in Syria on Monday (27/05) rebel forces have shot and killed State TV reporter Yara Abbas. This occurred jst prior to the EU’s agreement to end the arms embargo on Syrian Rebels.

This weekend’s events aren’t quite the ghost of 1982, but it would seem that there are elements within Lebanon and Syria that want to turn the Syrian Civil War into a multi-faceted regional war; which funnily enough is exactly what happened to Lebanon in the 70s and 80s.

by Stephen Leece

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