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Most of the problems in the Middle East are traceable to religious differences and land. US President Barack Obama led by the LORD has not allowed pressure from the press, in terms of alleged use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime, to draw the US into the war in Syria and so to Middle East. If the West is drawn into the war and Russia steps in, then the supporters of the Assad regime would have succeeded in their plan to draw the West into another unending war as that in Afghanistan. Syria in whose land the war is being fought, has lost a lot in financial, material and human resources.

The people on whose land any war is being fought should be wise in the sense that it is their land that is being destroyed. Those who supply, or will supply, them with arms will not suffer any damage to their properties but rather will earn money from the supply of the weapons. Nothing is given freely.

The problem after each war is paying for the cost of the war; some of the cost would have arisen from the supply of weapons and repair of damages to the properties caused by the war. Although, Egypt and Libya did not fight for a long time to bring about a change of government they still suffered damages both in financial, material and human resources. That of Algeria is different because they did not oust their President fighting a war, the change took effect early enough to avert any such destruction. The lives of the people of Afghanistan and Iraq have never been the same. War changes everything and affects the way those in the war affected regions think and behave. Those who fought the wars in those regions, and that are still fighting – lost, and are still losing colossal amounts in financial material and human resources. This shows that there is no victor or vanquish in wars.

There must be give and take in any settlement of such dispute. One party cannot have it their own way all through. The parties must have the interest of their country at heart. Some of those who began the revolution are tired of it and wish to pull out but are not sure of the consequences. The people of Syria must learn from the people of the Republic of South Africa and grant general amnesty. The destruction and loss is beyond belief. Stop the war. Do not be fooled into accepting arms supply in order to destroy your country and kill your fellow citizens. The supply will eventually be paid for at the end of the war. It is time for you to reflect on the effects of the war on you and your country. Be not deceived, you have lost many years of progress as a result of the war. What I say to Syria applies to the Middle East as a whole. Israel must be careful not to be drawn into the war as well. If the leaders do not take stock and stop the war, it will be like the war in Afghanistan that has not come to an end for ten years now. The regions around Syria are equally suffering the effect of the war.

The leaders in Syria should take queue from the late Pope John Paul II who had hoped that his meeting with his would-be assassin would serve as an example to the world in revealing the healing powers of forgiveness. But in this world today we find that the act of forgiveness is amazingly complex. It becomes difficult when the spirit of forgiveness is looked upon to take center stage for public policy. John Paul II’s gesture in that regard was to enunciate an exemplary message to the world. His action seemed to raise the question whether forgiveness was simply a personal transaction, or could it be used politically to reconcile enemies? Could the Assad regime and the Syrian rebels forgive one another and call a permanent truce; bearing in mind that it is their country that is being destroyed? Could the Israeli Prime Minister and Palestinian Leader forgive each other and come to some reconciliation as did Menachem Begin, and Egyptian President, Anwar Sadat in 1977 when Sadat made his dramatic journey to Jerusalem? I am of the opinion that if Pope John Paul II could forgive the man who shot him, could sit with him and hold his hands, then this is possible for any other person. Pope John Paul II in that act seemingly suggested to the more brutal impulses that are loose in many countries around the world today that peace is possible without violence and that creeds could exist side by side without violence. Violence is of the Devil.

The announcement by Europe of their willingness to supply arms to the rebels in Syria was followed by Russia announcing she will supply Syria with S-300 missiles. According to the Russian Government this is to deter the West from arming the Syrian rebels. When two elephants fight it is the grass that suffers. There are speculations that the supply of S-300 missiles would prolong the war. But there is no suggestion that the war is near its end. As it stands some countries around Syria are taking advantage of the situation to sell weapons to the Syrian rebels as well as to the President Bashar al-Assad’s regime. As a matter of fact S-300 missile is one of the world’s best defence weapons if not the best. The supply of this weapon will further destabilize the region, cause more damage and displacement of the people of Syria and those around the regions where the conflict exist.

It is lack of love for one’s own country and fellow countrymen and women that leads to such destruction and killing. It is time to seek peace in that region. Love is important in order to bring about peace in that region. If the two warring factions insist on each other meeting their demands there will not be peace. They must learn to love their country and one another. This is the first step towards peace and a lasting truce. Without love and being patriotic, no leader can achieve success in governance. You have to love yourself, love your country and subjects, who for the purpose of this writing I will describe as your neighbours, and so you will be moving towards the realization of your goal. Barack Obama’s presidency shows our children and the leaders of the developing nations that there is no dream they cannot achieve. All they need to do is be determined, put their minds to it and pray about it. History has it that Herod the Great even in his thirties carried out the most ambitious programs the world had ever known. He built the first man made harbour in Stratton’s Tower. He also built a new city Caesarea Maritime located between Tel Aviv and Haifa on Israel’s Mediterranean boarder. His reign saw a lot of building works. These were legacy by which he is remembered, not that he fought wars and killed his people. Construction works not only bring about employment to the people but development of the country and provides avenue for revenue collection by way of taxation. History is for us to use the past, to make good the future.

If we destroy our infrastructure, we will spend the money we would have spent in improving our economy to rebuilding what we have wilfully destroyed. The killing of dozens of Hezbollah fighters fighting alongside Assad’s troops in Qusair exposed Hezbollah involvement. Their leader Hassan Nasrallah clearly linked the survival of his militant group to the survival of Assad regime.

The people in that region seemingly pretend to love while they secretly hate and despise one another. Wealth is all they crave for, and the greed of gain becomes an asset. Those who may be described as heroes in the war die unrewarded, while others make-believe they would be martyred for their faith. In today’s world, the awe-inspiring, inaccessible mysteries of the Universe are bargained over by our restricted minds, and scientists guess where we come from, but cannot guess where we are bound to. Nations are at war with one another; creeds disagree and destroy one another, while individuals resent one another. Unless the people of the Middle East realize that it is their land that will be destroyed and shun violence they will end up being battle ground for the super powers.

BY: Emmanuel Opiah
[writing from London]

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