The call has gone out for the Thirteenth Session of the Provisional World Parliament to be held in Lucknow, India from the 19th to the 21st of December this year. “The Thirteenth Session in Lucknow will be such an historic event: we are building a truly new world order within the shell of the old!!” says the information document, having moved forward from the historic parliaments held in irregular intervals since Brighton in 1982.

“Today’s world situation calls for a World Parliament”, the thinking is that a world parliament can build a body of world law and help stop the augmenting climate change problems as well as “Depleted Uranium”, “Global tyranny”, resources disappearing and toxic waste contamination.

The democratic world government would be established in accordance with the ‘Constitution for the Federation of Earth’ which sounds like George Lucas came up with it. The world government has a complicated make-up, the earth would have 5 world capitals, one in each of five continental divisions, four would be secondary capitals and one would be the Primary capital, where these would be is unmentioned, how they would decide this is unmentioned. The World Parliament will be composed of three houses: The House of Peoples which will be elected by the people of the 1000 world electoral and administrative districts; the House of Nations, elected by national governments; and the House of Counsellors which will consist of 200 people elected by the other two houses who will be chosen for ‘Global perspective’.

Its all pretty confusing. I’m still not entirely sure why you need a world government if you still have Nations or why the UN isn’t this same thing? The democratic element is, I guess, the difference, but isn’t the EU democratic in the same way? And look how many people in Europe don’t like that, is there not the thought that the people of the world won’t react well to the idea.

Not to mention the fact that World Government is rife for conspiracy theorists who already hark on about the New World Order trying to establish a world government. The premise is good, environmentally friendly and with a look to stopping human rights abuses – the premise is good, but it’s idealistic. I don’t mean that in a patronizing way, or maybe I do, in any case, this isn’t going to work – if anything nations are preferring to split apart into ever smaller state zones, rather than any kind of scarily centralised world government.

Also, the website has a tab that says ‘Spiritual Liaisons’ which, when clicked, comes up with a picture of the globe surrounded with icons of different religions, it says nothing else – I don’t know what a spiritual liaison is but it makes me worried for secular government.

I, for one, am looking forward to when the The Earth Federation Online Store is open and I can buy Earth Federation hoodies and mugs. A lot of the website seems to have said ‘under construction’ since last year and means I’m still not entirely sure about a lot of the different plans for the world government, such as the Federation Currency, which is called HOURS, though they also say they want a “revitalization of bartering”.

It’s a nice idea, I know I keep saying it but it is, it makes a lot of sense why we’d need an organisation like this but it won’t work, not like this anyway. There are two ways we’ll get a world government, a natural progression towards it with countries making ever growing ties and building administrative groups like the EU, or tyrannically with loads of blood. It’s not something you can push for peacefully.

BY: James Tennent

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