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Equal marriage – the two words on everyone’s lips. What are the implications? Well the Church of England says it threatens the institution of the family, and the Catholic church refuses to back it under any circumstances. But it seems that the tides are changing with 15% of people saying that support for equal marriage wouldn’t change the party they voted for. So let’s see what all the fuss is about?

Many people have compared equal marriage to an ornament you don’t like in your next door neighbour’s garden. It doesn’t effect you, but you would rather your neighbour take it down. If it doesn’t effect you then why do you care? Divorce rates are high and as a result many families are headed by a single parent. Although this a negative trend, it is increasing. What must be noted is not the type of the family but the quality. The most important thing is that children have a stable upbringing where they are loved; it doesn’t matter who provides that love. Two men or two women can bring up children just as well, or even better, than parents of different genders. Such facts have evidently now been recognised by politicians including the Lords.

After two days of debates, 390 peers voted against amending the bill taking it forward and towards becoming law. If this happens, then next summer the first same sex weddings will take place. Following in the footsteps of France who had their first same sex wedding very recently. Whilst civil partnerships are already recognised, this is a move towards equal recognition, taking away one of the key barriers that currently face same sex couples.

As previously stated the Church is opposed to it, although if it passes then the Church would be protected and would not be obliged to undertake the ceremonies. The archbishop of Canterbury said that: “The bill weakens what exists and replaces it with a less good option that is neither equal nor effective.” Although the Labour leader of the Lords said that it would strengthen society by allowing 3.7 million people to commit to each other for life-something that must be an option.

We live in a diverse world where everyone’s ideas and orientations should be respected, where differences are celebrated and embraced. As previously stated equal marriage is like an ornament in your next door neighbour’s garden,it doesn’t effect you but you want a say. So let’s stop treating it like the ornament, it’s 2013 and as the pro campaigns say: ‘some people are gay, get over it’.

By Yasmin Levy-Miller

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