Spending Review

  • The coalition should be building more affordable homes already, Mr Balls says.
  • Living standards are falling annually, Mr Balls says, adding that the coalition has given a tax cut “to millionaires”.
  • From now on, if benefit claimants cannot speak English, they will be required to take lessons until they can or face cuts in payments.
  • 1321: Jobseekers will be required to come to job centres every week, rather than every fortnight.
  • 1315: Mr Osborne says the NHS will provide a “proper, joined-up” service under reforms proposed by the coalition.
  • 1312: The Department of Health will have a budget of £110bn by 2015-16. This department has been ring-fenced from cuts.
  • 1311: The Department for International Development’s budget will be £11.1bn in 2015-16.
  • 1311: The HM Revenue and Customs budget will fall by 5% in 2015-16.
  • 1310: The top fifth of the population, in terms of income, will lose the most from this spending round, Mr Osborne.