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While procrastinating before my last exam this summer, which time I spent responding to twitter questions, I saw perhaps the most hypocritical and disgusting statement of my short life. Tony Blair, the mass murderer paid millions of pounds each year to lobby on behalf of Zionists, felt necessary to bring his unwanted voice into the Woolwich murder dialogue. “There is a problem within Islam – from the adherents of an ideology that is a strain within Islam” he wrote, adding that it was “profound and dangerous”.
Whilst I would be among the first to condemn the murder in Woolwich (it was undeniably barbaric and has no place in society), I have been utterly appalled by how it has been perceived by the nation and indeed by Muslims themselves, let alone by Tony Blair.

There has been a universal acceptance by the public that this was done by just some radical Muslims, and that the attack stemmed from a branch of radical Islam – this is categorically wrong. Unfortunately people have naively fallen to this misconception for reasons beyond my ability to understand. However, this white wash of the situation will not solve the problem and in fact will make it worse – until people understand the true reasoning behind these attacks and what their motives are, we will never be in a position to solve them.

Indeed the answer of why these attacks take place lie in the blood drenched hands of Mr Blair. While many in Britain try and tell themselves that the war in Iraq and the waging war in Afghanistan were done in principle to bring about democracy and freedom in these countries, the reality could not be further from the truth. A small glimpse at Iraq today will show you the level anger Arabs, and indeed Iranians, have towards the West, in particular the UK and USA. Iraq resembles much of Dante’s hell: a country destroyed, a culture destroyed, schools blown up, hospitals crushed, grandparents suffocate in fumes, women raped, children hung, dead bodies urinated on and over a million people being killed. All of this makes for grim reading but focus on the last statistic, one million people are dead, that is a million families who have lost loved ones, a million parents who have lost their children, and a million children who have lost their parents.

The horror even continues to this day with bomb blasts in Baghdad shown on BBC news. All this was done with the media calling them terrorists and if Cameron gets his way this same story will repeat itself in Syria and Iran. Just for a second try and imagine for yourself how you would feel if all of this was to happen in Britain – would you not want to seek revenge? The Woolwich murder is a reminder that the people of the Middle-East have not forgotten what we have done to them and that they still seek revenge.

The reality of the situation is that until Britain changes its attitude in the Middle-East from that of imperialism to peace, there will be no end to terrorist attacks on our soil – regardless of how many times the media tries to deflect from the truth. This is not a “problem within Islam”, but rather a problem of our moral conscience Throughout history people who have been oppressed, have risen to defend themselves and take revenge – whether it be the Blacks in America or opposition to apartheid South Africa. This is not a new phenomenon – it does not originate from Islam nor does it have any connection to it. It does not matter what religion one believes in or the colour skin they have, if people are oppressed as the Muslims have been, they will rise and try and protect themselves, even if like in Woolwich, it was not done in a diplomatic way. Until we address this issue, the core reason for the attack, then we cannot solve the problem – even if the culprit Blair thinks he can.

BY: Nima

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