IT’S WELL documented that the beast we call social media is changing the world, now at the fastest pace than ever before. If you meet somebody who isn’t on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube nowadays the instant thought is “why not?”

But social media isn’t just changing the way we think, dress and socialise. It’s changing every part of our lifestyle and actions. Dangerous, no?

For the people fortunate enough to have every gadget on the market, it’s easy to share every aspect of your life on the World Wide Web – instagram, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, Google+, YouNow and there are a shedload of others. But just a few of the elite so called ‘social media famous’ it’s become a job, providing them with an enviable income and who have become a fascination of many. They are the new ‘social celebrity’s’.

Jack and Finn Harries’ are two fairly humble chaps who led a fairly normal childhood until appearing in a Channel 4 series ‘School of Comedy’ in 2009. After that, they became anonymous. In 2011 Jack Harries set up a YouTube channel called ‘JacksGap’ which would be the beginning of a very successful venture – one that even allowed Jack and his twin brother Finn to leave their long sought university places as long as they made a success of their lives – (an agreement made with their parents) – and it’s paid off!

(From humble beginnings – Jack Harries posts his first video on YouTube in July 2011 with 0 followers. He fast became a success.)

‘JacksGap’ – the ‘gap’ year channel now has over two million subscribers who tune in to watch their videos each week. They also have a huge following on Facebook, Twitter, instagram and on their live feeds via YouNow. But they’re not selfish, nor have they taken their success for granted. They are using social media for change.

(Finn Harries who is Jack’s twin brother posts on his behalf. He wasn’t as keen as Jack to be on the channel, but now has similar ideas.)

So, where will this adventure take them you might ask? The answer to that is anywhere. They seem to travel loads, they’ve made it their job to express and share the fun antics they get up to with the masses of people who follow their every move. Indeed the established write Rebecca Fray, the mother of Jack and Finn, recently wrote an article that said mobs of screaming girls wait outside their house and stalk them whilst on holiday. Imagine that – all from a YouTube video.

Some people take their new found ‘fame’ for granted, but not these twins. They are two genuine people who are standing up for the charities, vulnerable people and concerns that get such little press coverage. May their work continue and may the followers grow and grow.

(Jack and Finn Harries visit a charity in Asia that gets very little coverage. Their message is clear – we can all use the World Wide Web to change the bad things into good.)


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