In the wake of the Sir. Jimmy Savile OBE, KCSG (very important to include all his honours) scandal on 24th October 2012 Tom Watson MP asked Prime Minister David Cameron the following in the House of Commons:

“The evidence file used to convict paedophile Peter Righton, if it still exists, contains clear intelligence of a widespread paedophile ring. One of its members boasts of his links to a senior aide of a former Prime Minister, who says he could smuggle indecent images of children from abroad. The leads were not followed up, but if the file still exists, I want to ensure the Metropolitan Police secure the evidence, re-examine it, and investigate clear intelligence suggesting a powerful Paedophile Network linked to Parliament and Number 10.”[1]

Peter Righton, deceased Child Protection ‘expert’ and former consultant for The National Children’s Bureau was convicted in 1992 of importing indecent material into the UK. When his home was raided by police, documents found demonstrated a network of paedophiles linked to the Home Office and No 10.

We know Righton had links to convicted paedophile and fellow Child Protection ‘expert’ Dr. Morris Fraser, and former teacher Charles Napier.

Napier is the half-brother of Conservative MP John Whittingdale. Righton, Fraser and Morris all belonged to the infamous Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE 1974-84), with Napier acting as Treasurer, which during its lifetime certainly had a telephone based within the Home Office. It is highly likely that Sir. Jimmy Savile OBE, KCSG was also a member of PIE.

Dr. Morris Fraser set up the Azimuth Trust in 1988, where young boys, many with learning difficulties, were sent on sailing trips from Cornwall and abused. So far, so reminiscent of the rumours surrounding Jersey’s Haut de la Garenne Children’s Home and the Jersey ‘Yachting Community.’[2]

Of the three, Napier is the most interesting. While working for the British Council in Cairo he wrote the following to a friend about the Egyptian Capital:

“A city full of boys, 98% of them available.”[3]

Napier was arrested earlier this year at his mother’s house in Dorset by officers from Operation: CAYACOS, an offshoot of the Operation: FAIRBANK scoping exercise set up in response to Tom Watson’s original Parliamentary question.[4]

It is an undeniable fact that paedophiles, be they in politics, academia or entertainment have been a staple of British life since time immemorial; the Cleveland Street Boy Brothel Scandal of 1889 being an early example.[5] Within living memory, there was the now acknowledged BBC paedophile ring operating from the 1930s to the 50s.[6] As far as politics and government is concerned, in recent years, there have been scandals surrounding former Liberal leader Jeremy Thorpe, former aide to Mrs. Thatcher, Sir. Peter Morrison, and Geoffrey Prime of GCHQ, who was also a member of PIE.[7] There are also persistent rumours surrounding former Prime Minister and confirmed bachelor Edward Heath, and his yachting trips to Jersey, but in that instance, the evidence is lacking.

With such obvious illegal shenanigans going on at the highest levels of British society someone was bound to take a stand and in the early 1980s Conservative MP Geoffrey Dickens was actively campaigning for PIE to be outlawed.

Dickens, using Parliamentary Privilege exposed ex MI6 Officer and High Commissioner to Canada Sir. Peter Hayman as a paedophile.

He then presented the then Home Secretary Leon Brittan with a dossier naming high profile paedophiles. While Brittan procrastinated over whether to outlaw PIE Brittan received threatening phone calls and had his home burgled twice.[8] He claimed his name and address turned up in the diary of a multi-killer but never said which killer. It is likely Dickens meant ex-SAS soldier Barry Prudom.[9]

All of these events occurred during the worst excesses of the Elm Guest House, the alleged VIP paedophile brothel of Rocks Lane, South West London.

Elm Guest House is currently the subject of Operation: FERNBRIDGE, an offshoot of the FAIRBANK scoping exercise.

BY: Stephen Leece

Coming Next: Rape, Lies and Videotape- The Elm Guest House Story

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