UPDATE (22nd January, 2015) by the author:
Following his death last night, I can now confirm that the Cabinet Minister who allegedly attended Elm Guest House was Leon Brittan.

UPDATE (22nd October, 2013) by the author:

This was submitted for publication on the 10/10/13. Since then there have been many updates. The Metropolitan Police have confirmed the Amsterdam Connection, and they believe that 1 Ex Tory Cabinet Minister and 5 MPs were amongst a group who took boys to Amsterdam for them to be abused. One of the MPs is dead- Sir. Charles Irving, former Tory MP for Cheltenham, an adviser to CGHE who famously prevented Mrs. Thatcher from de-unionising GCHQ. I postulate Sir. Charles knew Geoffrey Prime, Soviet Mole and member of PIE working at GCHQ. More shockingly, last week Adult Adviser to NAYPIC, Chris Fay has gone on record and named names to Bill Maloney of Pie n Mash Films. For legal reasons I will not repeat Chris Fay’s list of abusers, but his 65 minute interview is easily found online. The ex-Cabinet Minister has had one rape allegation against a woman in the 1960s dropped following Crown Prosecution Service advice.

In December last year a number of documents appeared online uploaded by Mary Moss formerly of NAYPIC[1] concerning the former Elm Guest House of 27 Rocks Lane, Barnes, South West London. The documents alleged that the guest house operated as a VIP paedophile brothel in the late 1970s and early 1980s. There was a flurry of online excitement as a guest list was amongst the sample of documents published which cited Cabinet Ministers, MPs, Palace Officials and a worldwide famous pop star as regulars.

Those on the list that can be named included Anthony Blunt, disgraced Soviet double-agent, and Palace Official, who has also been linked to the Kincora Boy’s Home scandal; Colin Jordan of the BPP[2], Dr. Ray Wyre[3], and Sir. Cyril Smith.

Last month the Metropolitan Police confirmed to Channel 4’s Dispatches that Sir. Cyril Smith was a visitor to Elm Guest House, and this writer can exclusively reveal that the bloated bugger was barred for breaking a toilet seat there.

Those that cannot be named included a disturbingly high amount of Conservative Party politicians, ministers and Monday Club members. There was certainly a Tory connection as a CGHE[4] newsletter recommending the guest house has been discovered.

Like Sir. Jimmy Savile OBE, KCSG and Sir. Cyril Smith, there have been rumours about Elm Guest House doing the rounds for years. It was only in January of this year that the rumours began to gain substance when following Child Protection expert Chris Fay’s correspondence with MP Tom Watson, Operation: FERNBRIDGE was launched.[5]

In the 1970s Haroun ‘Harry’ Kasir and his wife Carole bought Elm Guest House. At some point between 1977 and 79 they were persuaded to turn the business into a gay-friendly guest house by South African Peter Glencross of Spartacus- a prima facie International Gay Travel Guide that was in actualité advocated paedophilia. So already, the list, that list, of big names plastered all over the internet contains law-abiding gays and criminal paedophiles. This author has been informed that the BBC’s Newsnight has a more accurate list courtesy of Chris Fay that contains the paedophile guests only.

Elm Guest House was made paedophile-friendly via a company called RAWRO Investments Ltd headed by Ralph A Williams and John  Rowe.[6] RAWRO provided the capital to kit the property out with a sauna and more importantly, video facilities as an advert from Capital Gay shows.

However a fully-functioning nonce-friendly place-of-retreat is no good without ‘products’ for the ‘clients;’ in other words, the children had to come from somewhere. The children were sent there from at least two sources. According to the Mary Moss documents the primary source was the nearby Grafton Close Children’s Home headed by John Stingemore. The other, was the odiously named ‘Dial-a-Child’ service where if a child was not ‘in-stock,’ one would be plucked off the street.

Alleged victims have told of hide-and-seek parties, and fancy dress parties where they were plied with drink and drugs by older men. During an aborted 1990 investigation into Elm Guest House, Chris Fay saw a photo of a former senior Conservative in a compromising situation with a boy in the sauna.

It is a safe bet that the video facilities were used to record sex acts for the then lucrative international paedophile video market- remember this was the brainchild of Spartacus. This aspect involved video distributor and drug-dealer, David Hamilton Grant, who was eventually murdered in a suspected contract killing in 1991.[7]

We also know there was a Kings and Queens Party held to celebrate the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana[8] and there is potentially circumstantial evidence that the Dial-a-Child service was used that day.

Vishal Mehrotra, aged 8 went missing on the day of the Royal Wedding in 1981, and some his remains were found the following year.[9] Granted, this case bears all the hallmarks of a Sidney Cooke effort, but there are links between Cooke, Cyril Smith, Peter Righton, the un-named senior Conservative, Jimmy Savile and Elm Guest House.[10] Other notorious paedophiles such as Foreign Office Barrister Colin Peters have been named as Elm Guest House regulars.[11]

A brief glance at Operation: ORCHID, the investigation into Sidney Cooke, tells us one thing- the police did not round up the whole gang and the same names of politicians, film directors and pop stars are cited as a reason for the investigation being closed early.[12] Elm Guest House has also been linked to the disappearance of 15 year old Martin Allen in 1979.

There are indications that boys were trafficked abroad from Hull to Amsterdam (see CGHE newsletter above with handwritten note about a Dutch Venture written by Peter Glencross), if not further afield. What became of these boys is anyone’s guess.

This was not a series of small paedophile rings; it was large rings, which occasionally over-lapped.

After a long undercover investigation Elm Guest House was raided by police in June 1982. Prior to the raid the officers taking part were briefed to expect to find high profile people present.[13]

The only people arrested and charged were the Kasirs and a Doctor Who actor who worked there as a masseur. In the event the as yet un-named actor had his charges dropped, and the Kasirs were charged and fined for running a disorderly house. This is legal-speak for a brothel.

Over the years rumours developed of ‘the boy brothel where half the Cabinet were caught’- a joke that made it into an episode of Filthy, Rich and Catflap from 1987.[14] The Harvey Proctor scandal the same year fanned the then seemingly far-fetched flames of ‘fuckery in high places.’ Whilst researching his book, Who Framed Colin Wallace? in 1988, investigative journalist Paul Foot dismissed Elm Guest House to an informant as ‘a distraction’ in comparison to the real scandal that was in his view Kincora Boy’s Home.

In 1990 Carole Kasir died of an insulin overdose. Despite the coroner’s verdict of suicide, Mary Moss does not believe it was suicide or even an accident. There were headlines in the gutter press about a ‘Top Tory’ being involved in a paedophile brothel, but the story soon died a death.

In 2001 an un-named GMB Branch Officer together with a journalist returned to Rocks Lane and interviewed long-standing residents. He said: One of them said, “‘I have waited twenty years for this knock, you have come about the boys?’. When we said we believed famous people came to 27 she retorted, ‘Oh you are talking about xxx.’ We replied that was one name given to us to which she said why pick on xxx? Half the xxxxxx came here.’ Her near neighbour nodded in agreement.”[15]

Again the story was buried, and Elm Guest House entered the realms of conspiracy theory on cyberspace.

Then in February this year, the Metropolitan police publicly launched Operation: FERNBRIDGE, a full scale criminal investigation into events at Elm Guest House. Within weeks John Stingemore, formerly of Grafton Close Children’s Home was arrested; simultaneously in Norwich, Roman Catholic Priest, Father Tony McSweeney was picked up by Fernbridge officers.

Stingemore was charged with eight counts of indecent assault, two charges of taking indecent images of a child, and one charge of conspiracy with persons unknown to commit buggery.

McSweeney, has been charged with three counts of indecent assault, three counts of making indecent images of a child, one count of taking indecent images of a child and one of possessing indecent images of a child.

In July Harry Kasir, after threatening to flee the country for the United States was arrested and is currently on bail.

Stingemore and McSweeney will stand trial in December. This author has more information in regards to the two charged, but it would be inappropriate to comment when there is a pending court case, and presumably subsequent arrests and charges to be made.

Twitter-users who still have not learnt the lessons of the Newsnight-McAlpine debacle are annoyed that the rap sheets for McSweeney and Stingemore make no reference to Elm Guest House however there is a reason for that.

The Police have to prove that something untoward and criminal occurred at Grafton Close, and that something untoward and criminal occurred at Elm Guest House and that there is a direct link between the two. A further problem facing Fernbridge officers is finding witnesses that are willing to make a statement and stand-up in court. It should also be kept in mind that these events occurred over 30 years ago and victims may want these horrible events to remain firmly buried in the past. Also frequently victims of child sexual abuse are so damaged that they perform poorly in the witness box.

Fernbridge has over 300 lines of enquiry to get through at any rate; it is a complex investigation, and there are many truths, half-truths, and outright lies to wade through- hence two VIP guest lists being in existence.

One day, the truth of Elm Guest House will emerge, provided the police can prove the facts beyond all reasonable doubt. Failing that campaigners and researchers will simply have to wait until all concerned are dead, and the relevant police, Home Office and Security Service files are open to public scrutiny.

Bugger all may have literally happened until June 1982, bugger all may figuratively have happened in 1990 and 2001-03 but it does not necessarily follow that bugger all will happen now.

BY: Stephen Leece

[1] NAYPIC was the National Association for Young People in Care- it was shut down by Virginia Bottomley in her capacity as Health Minister in 1994.

[2] Jordan was a kinky so-and-so- he was arrested in 1975 for stealing three pairs of red women’s knickers from Tesco’s in Leamington Spa.

[3] Wyre, a child protection/ paedophile expert was also involved as an adviser/ pundit in the Madeleine McCann case. He described the missing tot as ‘beautiful.’

[4] CGHE was the Conservative Group for Homosexual Equality.

[5] Fay was also the source of Watson’s PMQ in October 2012 about the Paedophile Ring linked by Peter Righton to Number 10.

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