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The most obvious answer to that question would be something along the lines of Al-Qaeda, but in this piece I suggest another alternative.

The war between white American and African-American citizens is gaining a larger death toll as each day passes.

It is a war that has been steadily running since the end of slavery in 1865, and many would have you believe that the war is a fictional one. Many will tell you that the incidents you bring up in your defense are isolated and not at all telling of a hidden war raging between two races in America.

But I ask you; how many isolated incidents have to occur before you admit that something is terribly wrong?

Early Saturday morning, Renisha McBride became the latest name added to a sadly growing list of growing African-American’s killed by white American’s.

Like many others before her, McBride was defenseless.

19 year old Renisha McBride was involved in a car accident early Saturday morning. Surviving the car crash, she sought help from locals in the nearby neighbourhood. An act that should have seen her get the help she needed. Unfortunately, for McBride, one seemingly logical and harmless act resulted in her death.

She was shot in the head by a man after she rung his doorbell to ask for help.

The name of the shooter has not yet been released by the police, but it has been reported by many news outlets in America that the man was acting in self defense.

Both her family and members of the public have expressed their disbelief at these claims.

McBride’s aunt, Bernita Spinks has been reported as saying, “he shot her in the head for what? For knocking on his door. If he felt scared or threatened he should have called 911.”

“She didn’t break in his house; she didn’t break a window. What, you seen somebody on your porch and you just start shooting? And then you say it was accidental? That wasn’t accidental; that wasn’t accidental, no.”

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first case of its kind to surface in America and I doubt it will be the last.

The case bares a shocking resemblance to the murder of Jonathon Ferrell in September. Like McBride, Ferrell was also involved in a serious car accident and was shot to death whilst he sought assistance.

Whilst Ferrell was shot by a member of the police force, reacting to a 911 call from a concerned residence, the motives of the shooting are clear.

In both cases, a young African-American citizen was in an unfamiliar majority white neighbourhood. In both cases, both victims were killed because a white American felt uneasy seeing an African-American in their neighbourhood.

A 2012 study saw that 313 African-American citizens were killed by police officers, security officers, of self appointed vigilantes.

When is enough going to be enough? How many African-American citizens are going to be killed because of a racist and negative stereotype that has embedded itself deep into the minds of white America?


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