Campaigning 3

On the 14th November Shout Out UK hosted one of the first of its Career forums on How to launch a campaign , with guests Michael Sani (British Actor, Political Revolutionary) and  Louise Burfitt-Dons (Conservative Party Candidate, Activist).

Both are seasoned campaigners, with  Louise Burfitt-Dons heading up many worthy causes and Michael Sani fighting to bring political awareness to young people via Bite the Ballot. They offered a wealth of advice, from the name of the campaign, to how to deal with fundraising.

‘I think it’s the hurdles that we come up against. You must be extremely resilient & get up each and every time your knocked down’ – Mike Sani

Here is their 8 point check list on how to launch a campaign :

  1. Identify what issue you feel passionate for and why.
  2. Research if anyone else is campaigning for said issue, if they are, try and organise cooperation with them.
  3. The name is important, as it tells someone what you do in a couple of words, but not overly so. If the campaign is strong, the name matters little.
  4. Identify who your target audience are and how to speak with them
  5. Identify who can make said changes that you wish to achieve via the campaign: A corporation or someone in Parliament? A minister?
  6. Imagination is very important when running a campaign. Be creative when planning how to campaign and build a support base.
  7. Be inventive, events are a great way to get in touch with your audience and support.
  8. Cake sales, washing cars, cleaning neighbours gardens are all great ways to raise funds! Grant applications can be disheartening for beginners as the process is very long and slow.

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