One Big Community

Pop stars Tinie Tempah, Rita Ora and Rizzle Kicks are supporting thousands of young people across London this weekend staging an online debate to tackle youth violence in the capital. The artists have met the project founder 14 Year old Jeremiah Emmanuel and promised full support for the campaign starting with their personal tweets kicking off the online debate today!

1BC Founder Jeremiah Emanuel said:

“What happened to Thusha can never be allowed to happen again. It happened in my borough on my watch as Deputy Youth Mayor. It hit me very hard. Getting the chance to do something positive now with her involved with ONE BIG COMMUNITY is inspirational to the whole team and I think her involvement epitomises what we stand for.”

12 teenagers have been murdered on London’s streets this year, nearly double last year’s figures while a recent report from Kids Company suggests kids have never felt less safe on the streets.

Now an innovative project called “1BC” (One Big Community) is being launched by young people wanting to do something practical to stop the murders. It’s kicking off with a six hour online debate on Saturday so 15-25 years old will have the chance to give their views on the issues underpinning youth violence.

On Saturday, 150 young leaders and social campaigners from across London will be at the Lilian Baylis Technology College in South London, to stage the #OneBigDebate event, involving thousands of youngsters online.

The team has been backed by social action and advocacy charity Cambridge House who have provided full support resource. The online comments emanating from the debate will be backed up by a survey and will be used as a springboard for a consultation with young people early next year aimed at breaking down the wall of silence between them and the police force.

The 1BC team have asked 8 year old Thusha Kamaleswaran to be their official patron. Thusha was only 5 when shot and paralysed by a gang member in 2011. She is battling to walk again and the 1BC team plan support projects for her including fundraising.

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