Have you heard the latest? Japan is swapping tuna meat for dolphin meat and selling it to us in the west to buy. But is it true, or it is another sceptical story circling the globe?

According to an anonymous post uploaded on pastebin.com; the city of Taiji in Japan has been exposed and accused of “slaughtering thousands of dolphins each year and selling them as tuna meat” to leading supermarkets all over the world.

The meat is sold by “big name” companies who are complicit in the trade, mainly to Western buyers.

An online article accuses the small city of Taiji of covering this disgusting trade and turning away from the blatant dolphin hunting and whaling in the town. It said “officials in Taiji have bribed central government to allow this export trade, which it says pulls in annual sales of over $850m” which shows the reader the local government is exceptionally corrupt and think only for themselves.
In their post they stated “We were intercepting Communication from Japan. We specifically targeted the Japanese “Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries” they further went on to say “In the Intercepted Communications We were able to gather information about a Fishery Program that both Taku Eto and Yoshita Kajiya are both well aware of”.

But why are they doing this?

On another website, a blog express its concern as the tuna export programme called “DevoX” has been “operational for many years” due to “a growing Competition from both Korea and Taiwan in the tuna and fishing industry”
There has been much opposition to this scandal including online groups who are trying to raise awareness.

“The focus of the Social Action Campaign for The Cove is to create worldwide awareness of this annual practice as well as the dangers of eating seafood contaminated with mercury and to pressure those in power to put an end to the slaughter”
They are setting up petitions in disagreement of this shameful act.

The way in which these dolphins are killed is a horrific inhumane activity. An article stated “I understand that a barbaric and horrendous dolphin slaughter is now under way in Taiji, a slaughter that takes place every year in your town. I find this practice of stabbing and drowning such a passive animal cruel, unnecessary and totally out-of-place in a modern society. The way these creatures are herded and killed is inhumane and must be stopped”

The most disgusting part of this whole outrage is the shear dishonour they have for themselves by covering this dreadful act. The same article writer went on to say “I have heard the Japanese defend whaling and dolphin murder by saying Australia is hypocritical for killing kangaroos. This is done, however, when numbers have exploded, the animals have eaten all available food and are often starving. They are shot quickly and cleanly by professional shooters. The majority of the time there is no suffering, and the culls are regulated.”

I have always considered Japanese people to be honourable, intelligent, meticulous and committed. After seeing this slaughter, however, my opinions are changing. There is no honour in this. This is barbarism.

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