Have you ever catch yourself on the wish to admire by the amazing window displays in Harrods, Selfridges or any other retailer? Or may be it even made you to enter the store or buy product that you thought you do not need? Well, any display window is a piece of art which was created by the huge team of professionals and this article will tell you how retailers made you to buy their products,

Retailers spend much effort in creating a unique identity through distinctive visual merchandising strategies to provide a positive mood for consumers, aiming to increase purchase intention, store loyalty, and repeat purchase. Apart from stimulating a positive affective response from consumers, appropriate visual merchandising can also lead to a series of actions from consumers, for example, affecting spending behavior and store/merchandise perceptions. (Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2012 p. 12)

Following this point, it can be said, that visual merchandising, and the window displays in particular play a crucial role in attracting customers to the store. Moreover, it motivates the target audience to buy products.

This article will examine Burberry store displays as an example, and assess its effectiveness in reaching their target market through the communication of window display.

Firstly, it is important to understand the image and personality of the chosen brand as an example. Founded in 1856, Burberry today remains quintessentially British, with outerwear at its core. Digital luxury positioning and the optimization across innovative mediums of the trench coat, and more relevant globally, across genders and generations. <>.

It is understandable, that every brand uses different merchandising techniques in order to create a particular atmosphere and to attract target audience. Burberry in particular, used minimalistic and classy design for it’s window display during the Fall 2013 and it expresses brand conservative image and shows it’s own identity, which is unique and timeless.

Moreover, the company puts a lot of emphasis on the heritage and their conservative window shows this. This is particularly important, as accent on the heritage and rich history can help to attract right consumer and can become the unique selling point for the luxury brand. Especially, for the United Kingdom of Great Britain, where people appreciate traditions and conservative style of living.

How retail makes YOU buy stuff

Besides, it is crucial to assess the use of colour, one of the most powerful elements in visual merchandising. In this particular store window Burberry used monochromatic color scheme, which can be defined as using almost one color but in different shades and tones. Such color scheme can create a powerful impact on potential customers. (Morgan, 2011)

In addition, minimalistic colours put a lot of emphasis on products, because they are self-sufficient enough to become the focal points for people, who are passing trough the windows. It also makes the display effective as the shopper can determine the product range, which is offered by the store straight away. (Diamond, 2006)

Colours such as gold, white and different shades of brown express brand identity and fit with the target audience, who are elegant and classy professionals. Such colour scheme creates almost royal and aristocratic appearance, which is Burberry all about. Such color scheme can efficiently attract targeted elite customer.

Props are very fundamental elements in terms of window design as well. Although design of the window is very reserved, there are still extraordinary elements such as wooden artificial arms, which present the products in more uncommon ways, rather then using usual shelves. <> It shows Burberry’s innovative approach.

Futhermore,headless mannequines used and it expresses the idea  of Burberry’s universality.It shows,that their products are not restricted to a particular demographic group.To sum up,as can be seen,  the choice of mannequinens and other props reflects Burberry’s marketing strategy and creates effective communication with target customers.

Moreover,it is crucial to know other techniques and secrets used by retailers to motivate higher demand and buying behavour.For example,it was found that most of the people who entering the store are going to the right hand side first.Therefore,sale stands or new collections are always there for you!They are situated in particular place not for design only but to catch your eye emmediatly as well.

Another tehnique,is to put shoe depratment in the end of the store.Why retailers do that?Because,shoes are usually refer to a considered purchase as it is more expensive and when consumer want to buy shoes he already knows what type,what desigh and what colour he/she wants.So,costumer who is entering the store is going directly to the shoe shelve to buy that desired pair.However,during that time he/she will get there he will find a lot of pretty stuff on his way and grabb something more.In this way retailers are usually make person to buy not only what he wanted to buy,but even more.

Overall,the conclusion can be drawn that window and store design is a separate “science» with lots of underground and hidden tehniques which influence on a buyer unconsiously.Therefore,now we need to be more cautious and do not give different marketing techniques to make you spend lots of money on useless stuff.