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 As we approach the end of January, many of those best-laid New Year plans to change jobs or achieve a better work/life balance are probably still on the backburner.  For many, they will never become a reality, but for others, this may well be the year of change.  But before you dust off your CV and dry-clean your suit, make sure you are up to speed with the latest job interview trends. One of the biggest changes in job interviews is the rise of the ‘video interview’.  According to research by Office Team in 2012, over 60% of HR managers said they often conduct employment interviews via video, up from just 14% the year before. Helped by lower cost and easy to use video conferencing software-based systems, an increasingly global job market and cuts in HR budgets have been the key drivers to this trend.  And with pressure on recruiters to speed up the process, a first or second interview over video conferencing can be conducted, played back and reviewed quickly and easily. So with the traditional face-to-face interview being replaced by video, how can candidates better prepare and what should they be aware of during a video interview? First, remember that a video interview features the same elements as an in-person interview.  It needs the candidate to respect the same rules of engagement, attention and acknowledgement.  This means dressing to impress, looking alert, engaged and professional throughout. Video conferencing provider, Vidyo, offers some more tips on making the best of your job interview:

  • Remember 93% of communication is non-verbal, so don’t forget to pay attention to body language.  Positive body language includes nodding your head, smiling genuinely and leaning forward to show interest or understanding. A furrowed brow, frowning and leaning back can all be perceived negatively.
  • Ensure you have the proper hardware and test it before you start.  A good webcam is essential to maintain eye contact without losing sight of the other person, and make sure you adjust your seat/computer to frame your face.
  • Use headphones, which are much better than speakerphones.  Speakerphones can amplify background noise, disturb and detract you from the conversation.
  • Make sure you have a neutral backdrop – a distracting or messy background may cause the interviewee to lose their attention (and also reflect poorly on you).
  • Proper lighting is important to make you look your best, and you also need to be aware of any reflective surfaces that can be distracting.
  • Finally, be prepared.  Just because it is remote, a video interview should be treated just like a face-to-face one.  Prepare any presentation materials and share them using a video conferencing solution like Vidyo, which allows you to share data as you speak.

Source: Vidyo