Interviewer: When did you start getting involved in TV?

Nathan David Bryon: My involvement in TV has been quite recent. I have done loads more theatre. I recon about 2-3 years ago, and before that I had done other TV shows and little cameos, casualty and sun girls and lots of other bits and bobs so yeah, 2-3 years.

Interviewer: When you first started out was it as hard as it seemed to get into television?

Nathan David Bryon: I would say I haven’t even had a break through in TV yet. I started acting professionally like with my agent at 17 but from 17-19 I didn’t get 1 TV job. That’s nearly 3 years of auditions and 3 years without a TV job. That’s 3 years of hearing no a lot. Getting a TV job is the most beautiful luck and every actor will hope to get another and another and hope to get better. The better you get the more jobs you get. They do work you really hard but I couldn’t think of a better way to earn money really.

Interviewer: You mentioned it was exceedingly hard at the beginning? Was it disheartening to not get any jobs and what got you through it?

Nathan David Bryon: You do have little breakthroughs as I had theater productions for long periods of time as well as uploading on YouTube and doing little cameos, but I didn’t get a break though until casualty. It wasn’t soul destroying but It was sad to hear that people were saying no. It made you question if you were good enough. But there is nothing else I would want to do so I said I had to make it work, even if that means I didn’t get my first role until I was 56, but I was prepared to wait coz I made my own work so it was alright.

Interviewer: Kids can get turned away due to lack of education in such fields? What are the tips and important things you can tell a kid thinking of going down the route you have gone down.

Nathan David Bryon: The main thing is that you have to make your own work. Don’t expect people to make your work. We are in times that you can film an edit a sketch on an iPhone; YouTube has never been more accessible. Start your crafts now, do sketched, invite your friends and make your own work. If I wasn’t a writer now I wouldn’t be able to earn a living. I would go mental. Compared to when I was younger, you have no excuse. YouTube is amazing, you can collaborate with people and places (especially London) have so many different art forms so get out there and create your own work.

Interviewer: Is it wrong that you should keep your options open, as people say you it can hinder your options? Should you aim for something you love and go for it?

Nathan David Bryon: I have grown up in a supportive family during financial struggle. Depending on your set up you have to work out what you can achieve, be it a part time job, as long as you know what you want to do. I have always known that this is what I wanted to do as I am not good at anything other then acting and writing. If there is more then 1 thing that interest you, then explore every option and find the one that makes you happy. At the end of the day, you don’t want to be in a job that you hate but you get paid for. It is extremely important that if you have a goal then don’t give up. You will go through hard time but it will all be worth it.

Interviewer: Do you feel there is a lack of youth involvement in mainstream TV, and do you feel there is a negative stereotype to young people in TV?

Nathan David Bryon: I always watch TV and challenge it, as I don’t see enough of people. That why I am trying to make a change in my own little ways with my own little work and plays that I am developing. I feel that some shows on TV don’t give the best representation of the youth, it is very one sided. However what goes on behind the camera, when I am at certain places there is not enough kids and women, it is an old mans game. Lenny Henry is a flag-waver of this. Hopefully it will change and don’t get put of. We need to fly kick the doors down. There are people who want kids to be involved but we need to find them and not be put off. Make sure you turn that no into a yes. Send out 100 emails to producers to ask for work experience, even if 1 reply back to take you then that makes up for the 99 rejections. You cannot stop.

Interviewer: Do you think that there are things that the TV can do to make sure kids join TV and help paint a better picture of young people?

Nathan David Bryon: 100%. I hate it because their main priority is to make great sketches, get loads of viewers and to make tones of money. They need to get stories form young people, open up work experience. I do think they need to do more but what they do I don’t know, as a young person sitting at home you need to get out their and fly kick some doors.

Interviewer: As you know, we are setting up a campaign to help children become more involved in politics as it affects their daily life, the colour of their skin, their race and gender. Everything is affected by and contribute to politics. Do you think children need to be more engaged in the world around them?

Nathan David Bryon: Yeah, Politics is everything; it affects everything and everyone from minimum wage to travel cost. As a young person, I make sure I am reading articles and keep up to date as it is imperative as these men and women are fundamentally changing are future and it is quite scary if you are blinded by this. Also I would say if you don’t vote, they don’t have a right to moan. I believe you should try to make a difference, do your research and vote for someone that affects you positively. Growing up, I was not exposed to politics and I never learned it in school, but it hit me when I was finding funding for my shows and hearing the art council has cut funding’s so I was forced into. I needed to broaden my horizons and get policitis into school to talk to children on their level, not slang but English and bot gobbledygook. There is a lot of gobbledygook in parliemt and it is being relayed into our lives and we need to, as a generation, stop this. We are the future. Fact

Interviewer: Do you think as a young person that you feel disheartened as these as parliamentarians cant even listen to us a s they don’t even listen to each other as they yell as shout over each other?

Nathan David Bryon: The key message it, the gobbledigoop is another form of slang. One thing I will say is that you have to learn how to talk to your audience. What do you want to say to them? That I what I want to say to these parliamentarians. The only campaign I have truly been inspired buy is Barack Obamas. A man like this before has never captivated me. How this man got into power was by communicating to people. He spoke to rappers, to singers. He took tours and bought t-shirts and engaged with the youth. He spoke to children in a language they could understand and as a result they voted for him. They were 1st time voters. In London, the most outrageous thing was David Cameron’s response to the London riots. He stood outside 10 Downing Street an expressed that “these criminals will be brought to justice” and saying children are animals and hooligans and that they are wrong and done that. But you cut youth centers across the country, you spend this money on, in brackets, affordable housing and then wonder what these children would be doing during the day. How dare you sit there and say we are to blame. Support them, talk to them and speak to them in a way that will motivate them.

Interviewer: As a young person, what would you say the ages of the youths in the London riots were?

Nathan David Bryon: 15-16

Interviewer: the media tried to portray it like that but the average age was 27 years of age. What would you say as a young person about this?

Nathan David Bryon: It gives me great rage. The media made it out to be that it was teenager ting and. 27 year olds are grown men, with jobs and that. They got their games and stuff. Fundamentally, they were opportunists and saw the opportunity and jumped at it, with hoodies over their heads and balaclavas telling sky news what they robbed. In fact they repeated this segment on TV where these 4 lads were telling sky news why they were rioting and blah, blah, blah and for all we know, a producer could have paid some lads on lunch break to out on balaclavas and say this stuff. It wouldn’t have been the first time. It gives me rage. Rage, rage, rage.

Interviewer: A pole was done and in it they ask teenagers if an election happened tomorrow, would they vote. Only 17% said yes. Do you think political education, as a subject in GCSE’s should be in schools?

Nathan David Bryon: I think, there should be a universal teaching of politics and it could push them away from it. It comes to the fact that who is talking to children in a motivating manner. The fact that it is 17% is unbelievable so I hope that a young MP can come up and bring these young people with him. If we have a MP YouTube and twitter sensation, I’m telling you, he will get into parliament, as the young people would back him all the way.

Interviewer: Russell Brand said that voting is pointless as politicians don’t listen to you. Do you feel that Russell Brand is right or do politicians not see young people because we don’t vote?

Nathan David Bryon: Look what nick Clegg did. He made a video coz he lied. He lied. He think that Russell Brand has a good idea but I am pro voting as we have a right to vote and, unlike other places, are not forced to vote for people we don’t want to vote for.

Interviewed by Matteo Bergamini.