I am asked to write a few lines down about me and about my current situation, the same one that the youth immigrant people are dealing with, living  abroad, working in hospitality or similar and earning salaries barely survive and hardly finance their studies with.

I am urged to discuss how it affects to my generation the collapse of the world economy and to detail how I face be a Graduated Journalist, have two master’s degrees, one year of work experience and a high level of several languages and see all the doors closed to a stable life, a dignified and courageous one, because we do not want nobody giving anything away to us.

I am suggested to express how many young people feel like when the necessity does not give much squeezes, forcing us to leave our homes, to give up our lives, our families and our friends, and to try to find that opportunity that our country denies us and our governments have long accepted that will ever exist.

I am wanted to make clear how living in another country looks like, working for poverty wages and unsocial hours just to afford an austere life, very austere believe me. I am asked to tell you how we move forward, how we carry on, without return date to our country or with ticket to home and back to the instability. With the mind in what once we had and does no longer exist, and the thought of what we want to do with our life but we can not.

I am requested to detail how we survive, fighting for an opportunity that maybe no one will never give us, building an uncertain future.

And then is when I stop for a second to ponder.  And I see how our government gives us back and how his damn conformist gives us the force. His learned, repeated, worn speeches do not worth us anymore. We do not want them telling us how the situation is, we already know and experience it.

We do not care about their blasted facts and statistics. We just have to look around to know that the number of unemployed is growing up every single day

and that poverty takes its toll on all families. We do not want palaver, but solutions. And having in account the little desire they have to find them, this is our answer. Face the situation, embark on a difficult journey and fight for our dreams.

Maybe they should take note and stop underestimate ourselves.

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