Gaining a foothold in a foreign country is inevitably related to a change. Thus our reason might tell us that rather the desire for a change catalyses people to move their nest. If ones observe their family and friends, one may notice that with increasing frequency, we decide to deposit our sedentary lifestyle and devote ourselves again to nomadism. Thereby appears a plain and obvious question: why do we of all things see moving away as a possibility of change, if we, ourselves, still remain the same we have been before?

In a society, where change and development play a leading role, someone who is missing the boat faces real difficulties of ever again adapting to those changes without any great effort. Be this in business, in school, in political issues- or in private life. To that extent, it appeals like we would find ourselves under the constant pressure of altering and reinventing our lives, in order to fit into society’s standards. Has moving therefore become an essential part of our personal evolution?

I believe that a change is achievable by settling down in a new place. However, one must come up with the question why we set ourselves start lines for changes and turns. In response to this question, I suggest that we regard our life as some kind of race, a race for happiness. And sometimes, this race can only be won by introducing a change, no matter how devastatingly this shift may occur. In other words, one is not forced to change locality in order to embrace delight. In fact, our life consists of an accumulation of small and big changes, may this be the change from crawling to walking, from childhood to puberty, from obesity to anorexia, from believer to cynic, from dependence to independence… As Robert C. Gallagher puts it :”Change is inevitable – except from a vending machine”; eventually it seems impossible to avoid.

Returning to the relation between changing circumstances and the change in ourselves, I think the link between them appears obvious. In fact, one follows the other, if intended or not. A different environment leaves us with a diversity of impressions and it may take some time to familiarize with them. Taking students for instance, who left their home country to study in another country, often return home with an entirely different world perception. By confronting not only a new country and culture, yet also by living completely on their own without any friends, nor family, their independence will naturally be boosted and their horizon will be widely broadened.

Moreover, their character and adaptability will strongly be examined, as new circumstances embody different approaches to succeed. In the same way, the mistakes, as well as the achievements might shape their lives for the following years and their careers.

All in all, this represents what I myself seek as a new settling student and inhabitant of London. I am not necessarily looking for a personality change, I rather want to assimilate the changes around me and learn with time how these may influence my own way of thinking and conceiving. My main interest does not solely rest in increasing my knowledge through my studies here, but also in meeting new people, by appreciating new sights, by smelling new flavours, by tasting new savours, by hearing new sounds and tones. And I would lie to myself and the world by denying the fact that this decision hides a little attempt to reach my own final line of happiness.

BY: Laury Schaack

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