The past few weeks have been awful for British weather and the many families who have been affected by the floods. Hundreds of family’s homes have been ruined and memories destroyed by the worst floods to hit Britain. A lot of attention turned to 10 Downing Street and what the government would do to help those who have been affected and future prevention. David Cameron has said with regards to the recovery and helping the many family homes and businesses that are ruined that money is no object despite the fact that the environment agency might have to make hundreds of their workers redundant as a result of Cameron’s cuts.

By saying that money is no object, Cameron could be facing a huge PR disaster and it will be interested if he literally puts his money where his mouth is. While a considerable amount of money needs to be invested in to the recovery, why couldn’t this money be invested months before the floods hit Britain? While no one could predict the floods and its damage we are aware of global warming and potential weather change as a result of this it seems that it is too soon for global warming to affect us now but it’s happening and It’s not that stupid to suggest that maybe we should act now to protect ourselves as well as future generations.

A week after pledging £100 million flood repairs, David Cameron announced in Prime Minister’s Question that “money is no object”. Money seems to be the only answer the Tory government have got and spending doesn’t seem to be very wise if the government hasn’t got a suitable plan to back up the amount of money invested. A plan should be necessary if money is no object if the government is also going to make huge cuts to the NHS and thousands of local businesses are struggling as a result of the cuts and the economy. You’d think the government would be a lot more cautious about where the money is going after recent economic problems.

Quite rightly David Cameron is being questioned over his decision. Labour leader Ed Milliband questioned how genuine Cameron is with the “money no object” and also suggested that more money needed to be spent protecting homes and businesses being affected in the future. The future doesn’t seem to be high on Cameron’s agenda and with the Tories blaming global warming for the floods you would think they would announce that they have some form of policy in place.

Global Warming isn’t Britain’s problem it is the world’s problem however it seems that preventing global warming isn’t high on any government’s agenda. Even if preventing global warming was one of Cameron’s main policies, Britain is a tiny island and can’t solve it alone maybe it would encourage other bigger countries to act the same but realistically without the influence of America or Russia no one country can help prevent it alone. Recently the U.N.’s World Meteorological Organization released data that revealed Australia has had the biggest average temperature in the world. Australian Prime Minister John Howard’s response was to suggest that global warming was a “substitute religion” and that “science was for scientists” so Australia, the 6th biggest country in the world, have suggested that global warming isn’t even happening even though Australia has suffered from forest fires which could be linked to global warming. The government probably wouldn’t even be able to influence other governments as it seems they can’t even release a basic statement without being questioned and ridiculed.

Even if it is financially secure to make clear that money isn’t a problem for the recovery now, what about the future? After 4 years of talks, there has been an agreement on how drainage features should be maintained however this policy can’t be implemented because of civil service cuts. The chairman of the Environment agency, Lord Smith tried to blame the residents of the flooded villages for choosing to live there knowing there’s always a risk of flooding and Eric Pickles has blamed The Environment Agency because playing the blame game is all we need in a time of crisis. I don’t think those who’ve lost their homes cares too much about who is too blame they want their lives back and they don’t want to be disrupted in the future over something which can realistically be prevented. Maybe a good start for the future would be if the local councils can offer sand bags instead of selling them for £50 a sack. The government is going in circles and the only ones that are suffering are the British people whether that’s through our homes being destroyed, losing our job or having to wait longer in an NHS walk in centre because there aren’t enough doctors and nurses we’ve all suffered somehow.

It will be interesting to see what happens to the government and how much money is invested into the recovery but with the rain still pouring down I hope there is some policy to prevent further damage and that the government can acknowledge that we need to act now to save our future. If the British government can’t influence other governments to save our planet then investing money to save our country isn’t a bad thing just hopefully not at the expense of anything that Britain can save themselves.

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