Human rights are widely discussed in our contemporary world, but despite how universal they are, basic ones are often violated. Human rights have indeed empowered us against the government and promoted our freedom, even though on a different scale in distinct regions. It is a powerful tool to solve many issues, but it is also not a permanent solution to national and international clash of interests. There are many examples of human rights violations worldwide such as recent events in Syria reflect neglected human rights. But despite the obvious disasters and wars, the question remains what is the situation of human rights that are not highlighted on a daily basis but widely violated in countries such as China regarding working conditions? What issues people face who try to raise awareness of human rights violations? While in many countries people do take human rights for granted, others suffer from being suppressed and even killed by their own governments for trying to spread the word.

For instance, the United Nations Security Council took action regarding humanitarian issues to curb the violation of human rights in Syria, but it certainly has not been a long – term solution. In fact, it demonstrates that there is a lack of focus on prevention of the violation. Syrian civil war has demonstrated a poor condition of human rights in the country. It is debatable to what extent humanitarian intervention by foreign states is helpful and even moral. Relating to the Syrian conflict, when citizens were abused by their own government, foreign countries were eager to take military action, the Unites States were prepared to attack Syrian government. But on what grounds would be such decision beneficial, moral and legal for the citizens of Syria? Humanitarian intervention is not always the most effective way to protect citizens. It might seem as a necessary step but humanitarian intervention might lead to even more devastating situation. A military action, which means war, cannot always be a good decision to end war because it triggers the same military response, killing even more people. It is not also sure though whether in the case of humanitarian intervention, a foreign country seeks to intervene purely for aid reasons or whether it seeks to pursue its own interests.

Despite the obvious human rights violations examples such as Syria, on a less extreme side, awareness of human rights violations is also prevented. An example that justifies such an argument is China. People, trying to spread the news about such sensitive topic as human rights have been often imprisoned. Furthermore, methods that are used for interference in the political system, unacceptable beliefs or other behavior which deems to be deviant from government norms, do not constitute a justifiable treatment by any means. Illegality of trade unions in China still remains a worrying issue as there is no body to protect low wage, exploited workers, spending hours working in very poor conditions that are often dangerous to health. High depression and even suicide rates demonstrate the pressure Chinese workers experience during long hours and monotonous work. Deprivation of social life is an additional factor which contributes to poor mental health. Even though, the salaries of low paid workers were put up, the amount still remains very low with which people struggle to meet basic needs as the cost of living has been rising. A particular example can be used as Apple manufacturer which several times violated human rights making employees work without breaks and live in overcrowded dormitories. Despite that, explosions of toxic gas have taken place several times in the factories, killing or having long – term health effects on workers.

Human rights are a sensitive area and raises moral questions whether it is right to do so. There is no right or wrong answer whether humanitarian intervention can be morally justified. In most of the cases, it is a moral obligation to protect citizens of a country if their own government is killing the people, but it is never certain whether helping people is a primary goal of foreign country. As have been mentioned before, on a less extreme basis, people’s human rights are violated on a daily basis and sometimes there is no legal body or organization to address them. Nowadays many developed modern countries enjoy human rights and in a way, even though human rights violations are spoken about, there is often too little action done to actually eradicate them. Workers, who do not have a choice and who cannot escape human rights violations often suffer to generate huge profits for multinational organizations. There are many examples of not only wars but human rights violations on a daily basis, which can be overcome with time if there is action taken to prevent them.


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