The current state of the economy has made finding and keeping a job challenging. These difficulties make it important to select a college major that has a low unemployment rate. Fortunately, if you investigate your options, you’ll see that you have multiple career options.

Medical Technology

If you enjoy working in a lab and enjoy science, a medical technologist or technician degree is a good option for you. The job outlook for medical technology is expected to grow 22 percent over the next 10 years according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).  Around 50 percent of these jobs are with hospitals, and the other half work in doctors’ offices and diagnostic labs. In 2012, the average salary for medical laboratory technologists was $57,580, and technicians averaged about $37,240. Technologists typically need a 4-year bachelor’s degree, and technicians need an associate degree or certificate from a certified program.

Criminal Justice

Earning a criminal justice degree would allow you to enter a number of exciting fields. You could become a police officer, a paralegal, a detective, fraud investigator, or even an FBI agent.  A criminal justice or criminology degree can branch into so many areas so it is possible to find a position that peaks your interest. The average salary for someone with this degree depends on the job and can range from $25,000 to $140,000. You can earn an associate degree in two years or a four-year degree, and you can even get a criminal justice degree online.


The nursing profession has a low rate of unemployment, and a degree in nursing can open the door for multiple job opportunities. Since there’s more of a focus on preventive care and an increase in the number of baby boomers, there are nursing jobs in hospitals, clinics, doctors’ offices, nursing homes, and rehab clinics. The average salary for a registered nurse in 2012 was $65,470. To become a registered nurse, you can earn an associate’s degree in two years, get a four-year bachelor’s degree, or get a certificate from an approved nursing program.


Do you enjoy studying the stars or learning about matter and physics? Perhaps astronomy is an option for you. There is some expected growth in federal spending for this type of research so there will be an increase in jobs in this field. The salary for astronomers ranged between $98,838 and $131,900, according to However, for a job in this area, you will have to get at least a bachelor’s and a Master’s degree – and for some cases, you may even need a Ph.D.

Petroleum Engineering

Our modern society requires a significant amount of fuel to work – therefore, petroleum engineers, who help find ways to extract oil and gas from the earth, are in great demand. The BLS predicts a 26 percent increase in available positions over the next 10 years in this field. Petroleum engineers work in offices, laboratories, and out on oil rigs. The average salary for this job was $130,280 per year in 2012. A four-year degree in petroleum, chemical, or mechanical engineering can get you one of these positions.

The jobs with the lowest unemployment rates often require training and experience. The degrees associated with these types of jobs are mostly four-year degrees but associate degrees can lead to fulfilling positions, as well.

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